How To Choose Escalator Chains?


The kind of escalator chain mainly depends on its design and purpose.Here are some common kinds of escalator chains:

I. Kinds of escalator chains as follows,

1. Escalator main step chain: with and without chain rollers.Generally, the chain pitch is less than Pitch=100mm, and the step main chain does not have chain rollers, such as Hitachi (pitch P=68.4mm), Mitsubishi (pitch P=67.733mm), Toshiba escalators, etc.If the pitch of the chain is greater than 100mm, the main step chain is generally equipped with chain rollers, such as escalator step chains from LG&SIGMA, THYSSEN, KONE, OTIS, etc.

9300 9500 Escalator Step Chain with Axle

2. Escalator Drive chain: The chain that connects the escalator motor drive gear to the escalator drive spindle is called the drive chain.

3. Escalator Newel chain(Escalator return chain):Installed in the escalator header curve, the return chain helps the escalator handrail change direction smoothly is called a rotary chain .

4. Tension chain: Under the handrail drive wheel, the tension chain that helps the handrail run smoothly,support escalator handrail weight,adjust handrail length.

II.Material and shape of Escalator chains as follows,

1. Slide Chain: This type of chain has a fixed slider, and the slider is guided by the sprocket to move along the escalator track,thereby driving the movement of the escalator trail.For example: Escalator Newel chain.

2. Plate Chain: This type of chain has wider plates and no sliders between the plates.The drive of the sprocket causes contact and relative movement between the chain plates, thereby promoting the movement of the escalator trail. For example: escalator main chain with chain rollers.

3. Serpentine Chain: The chain rollers and chain of a snake chain are designed in the shape of a snake. This design helps reduce noise and vibration when the chain is in motion. For example:escalator return chain.

4. Enclosed Chain: The closed chain has a closed chain plate structure, which can reduce the impact of dust, dirt and other external substances on the chain and improve the service life of the chain. For example: outdoor escalator main chain.

5. Sprocket Chain: This chain has a gear-shaped sprocket, which drives the escalator to move the escalator. For example: escalator drive chain.

These chain types may vary based on the design, manufacturer, and model of the escalator.When selecting escalator chains, manufacturers typically consider the escalator’s load, speed, noise levels, and other performance and safety requirements.Therefore, the specific escalator chain type may vary depending on the application scenario and needs.

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