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Product Name : Escalator Tension Chain

Condition : Original & Brand New

Type: Escalator handrail reversing chain,step chain, tension chain, newel chain,drive chain

For escalator chain there have no fixed types for brands, any brand can use any type based on your  project! Please measure your Step Chain with caliper according to drawing information.

Photo AF-ID
AF-FT140097 D55*55mm (8 joints)
AF-FT140155 D55*55mm (9 joints)
AF-HD00105 D60*55mm
AF-HD00105A D60*55mm
AF-KO50361 KM5130070G01
AF-KO50361A KM5228894G01
AF-KO50499A DEE0531323
AF-KO50499B DEE-0531323
AF-KO50499C DEE-0531257
AF-KO50499E Length 1300mm
Roller 42*18mm
AF-LG40651 ASA00B176*A
Roller D70*50mm
Pitch 85
escalator tension support chain AF-LG40651A Roller D70*50mm
Pitch 120
AF-LG40651C Roller D70*50mm
Pitch 85
AF-OT80824 Roller D76x54x6201
Pitch 80
AF-OT80904 Roller D60*55
Pitch 90
AF-OT80904A Roller D60*55
Pitch 90
AF-OT80904B Roller D60*55
Pitch 70
XAA332X5 Escalator Handrail Belt Tension Chain 10 Rollers 60×55mm AF-OT80904C XAA332X5
Roller D60*55
Pitch 70
AF-OT80904D Roller D60*55
Pitch 93
escalator tension support chain AF-QT00665 Roller D75*60
Pitch 85
AF-QT11536 Roller D70*50
Pitch 84
AF-QT11701 Roller D60*55
Pitch 70
SWE 9300 reversing chain 12 rollers Fn balustrade 30067A D46*18mm
Pitch 76
30965 D60*55
Pitch 80
50640202 escalator tension support chain 30965A D60*55
Pitch 78
9300 9500 9700 escalator tension chain 30965B D60*55
Pitch 88
Escalator Tension Chain AF-TO60004 D60*55
Pitch 70


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