Old Lift Modernization

Old Lift Modernization

1、 Preliminary preparation work 1. Contact the elevator company: If you decide to replace the elevator, the first step is to contact the elevator company for consultation. The elevator company will arrange a technician to conduct a preliminary inspection and provide a quotation plan. 2. Evaluation of old elevators: Elevator company technicians conduct a comprehensive […]

Elevator Door Sill

elevator landing door sill

Elevator door sill is a decorative and protective device installed at the wellhead of an elevator, which is an important part of the elevator. It directly affects the safety and stability of elevators. The elevator door sill mainly consists of the following parts: support components, guide rails, buffers, and guide components. Inspection and Maintenance of […]

Purchase High-Quality And Versatile Escalator Roller

escalator step chain roller

There are many types roller or wheels are on the escalator or moving walkway, including: Drive Rollers/Drive Wheel/Friction Wheel/Idler Rollers/Step Rollers,etc… Drive Rollers: Drive rollers are the main wheels in an escalator system responsible for driving the movement of the escalator steps. They are connected to the motor and transmit the rotational force to move […]

Wiring Method For Elevator Photoelectric Switch

Elevator Photoelectric Switch Leveling Sensor

Three-wire and four-wire elevator photoelectric switches are two common types that have some differences in wiring and functionality. Three-Wire Elevator Photoelectric Switch: The three-wire sensor has two wiring options to meet the requirements of the elevator.The yellow and blue wires have the same function, and you can choose either based on personal preference. It can […]

Escalator Step Chain

escalator step chain supplier manufacturer

The escalator step chain is an important component in escalator systems. It consists of a series of interconnected metal steps that form a continuous loop. The steps are attached to the chain, which is driven by a motor, causing them to move in a cyclical motion.The components that make up the escalator step chain generally […]

Elevator ARD Automatic Rescue Device—Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Elevator ARD Automatic Rescue Device

The elevator emergency automatic rescue device (ARD)is a system designed to ensure the safety of passengers in the event of an emergency or power outage. It shoud have flowing Five features: Safety: Elevator emergency devices are designed with high safety standards, ensuring passenger safety in emergency situations. Reliability: Emergency devices incorporate multiple protection measures to […]

YVP90-6 Series Elevator Door Motor

YVP90-6 elevator lifts door motor

YVP90-6 Series Elevator Door Motor s are three-phase variable frequency asynchronous motors, which achieves stepless speed regulation of the motor by changing the frequency. Adopting insulation grade B or F, absorbing the advantages of similar products, it has the characteristics of simple structure, high power index, low noise, small vibration, strong overload capacity, stable operation, […]

Elevator Contactor

elevator AC contactor

Elevator contactor is a type of motor controller that can control the speed and brake the elevator motor based on the direction of elevator operation and load conditions, thereby achieving safe operation of the elevator. The letters of various contactors in elevators represent different meanings KA intermediate relay; KAS/JAQ/SC safety circuit contactor; KAD/DLC/MSJ door lock […]

Elevator Door Hanger Roller – Durable and Reliable Component Replacement

elevator door hanger roller

As a key component of any elevator system, the door hanger roller is critical to the safety and smooth operation of the elevator car doors. That’s why it’s essential to choose a high-quality roller that can withstand heavy loads and frequent use without compromising the longevity of your elevator system. Our elevator door hanger roller […]

Main Features For Home Villa Small Machine Roomless Gearless Elevator

elevator PCB board supplier manufacturer

The GeN2 series elevators integrate creative polyurethane flat composite steel strip technology and modern aesthetic concepts, providing customers with a new experience and enhancing the noble taste of buildings. Main features of the products: 2. PM Machine permanent magnet gearless traction machine GEN2 Elevator PCB Board List: FAA25100K1   Display PCB Board (Discontinued, Can Be Replaced By […]

Elevator Traction Sheave

Elevator Traction Sheave is the rope sheave on the elevator traction machine, also known as traction rope sheave or drive rope sheave. It is a device for elevator to transfer traction power, which is transmitted by friction between traction wire rope and traction sheave groove. The shape of traction sheave groove is mostly semicircular groove, semicircular groove with […]

Elevate Your Elevator Experience with Our High-Tech Electronic PCB Boards

elevator PCB board supplier company

Elevator electronic boards are essential components of elevator control systems. They are responsible for controlling various components of an elevator and ensuring safe and efficient operation. Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality elevator electronic PCB board? Look no further than our products. We offer a range of elevator electronic boards that are designed […]