Elevator Door Vane

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Elevator door vane is the open and close device of the landing door. As the core part of the mechanical structure for the elevator door operator, its performance will directly affect the customer experience in using elevator . According to different door opening modes, the elevator door vane is divided into synchronous door vane and asynchronous […]

Elevator Safety Circuit Switches

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To ensure the safety operation of the elevator, many safety parts are installed on the elevator. Only when each safety component is normal,the elevator can run, otherwise it will stop running immediately. The so-called safety circuit is installing a safety switch in each safety component of the elevator, all safety switches are connected in series, and control […]

All About Elevator Traction Sheave

Elevator’s safety and effectiveness depend on regular inspections and maintenance. Sheaves are one of the most essential parts of traction elevators. Elevator sheaves must undergo routine maintenance and inspection since they are essential to how elevators work. If you are looking for elevator components, specifically your elevator’s sheaves your search ended by now. A-fly is specialized […]

Common Problems Of Escalator Handrail

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1.The escalator handrail is heated during running. It is usually caused by the following reasons: (1) The tension of the handrail is too tight or loose, and the guide strip is biased. (2)The interface of the handrail guide device is not smooth, or the whole guide device is not on the same horizontal line. (3) The friction force of the drive wheel of the handrail is too tight or loose. (4) The switch device of the escalator handrail entrance is worn. […]

Elevator Steel Wire Rope

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According to the using, the elevator  steel wire ropes can be divided into traction machine steel wire rope; overspeed governor steep wire rope and  elevator door machines steel wire ropes. Seale. It is the most frequently used in elevator rope because of its thick outer wire and strong resistance against external wear. Like 6x19S+FC,8x19S+FC   Warrington. The thickness of the […]

How to select correct guide rail for your elevator?

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Elevator guide rail is consisting of steel rail and fish plate, which is including car rail and counterweight rail. From the cross-section shape,it is divided into: Shapedelevator guide rail L-Shaped elevator guide rail Hollow elevator guide rail Elevator guide rails are divided into 3 categories: Solid guide rail Hollow guide rail Escalator guide rail   There are many specifications […]

A-FLY; Professional Supplier Of Elevator And Escalator Parts!

A permanent transportation device that serves several specific floors in a building and whose car runs on at least two rows of rigid rails perpendicular to the horizontal plane or with an inclination angle of less than 15° to the plumb line is called an “elevator”. The elevator is composed of many parts, such as […]

Elevator Landing Door Running Fault and Troubleshooting

Elevator landing door

Elevator Landing Door Running Fault and Troubleshooting: Sometimes we can solve the elevator faults by the sound from the landing door opening or closing.Today, we will take you to judge the common door operation faults by “Hearing”. Shaking soundwhen landing door running. Reasons: ①The elevator door sill guide rails gather dust. ②There are objects in the sill […]

Safety Switch Devices for Escalators and Moving Walks

Escalator Safety Switch

In order to ensure the safety of passengers, engineers have set up a variety of electrical safety protection devices on escalators and moving walks. Do you know the main electrical safety protection devices and their positions? Emergency Stop Button The emergency stop button can cut off the power supply, so that the equipment can stop […]

Touchless Elevator Operation Buttons

Touchless Elevator Operation Buttons

In the past, people took the elevators, they could reach the destination floor by pressing the elevator buttons. With the progress of science and technology, the non-contact button elevators emerge as the times require. Scanning the code to take elevator : Passengers only need to scan the QR code, the elevator can automatically identify and arrive […]

Elevator Traveling Cable

Elevator Traveling Cable is a link between the elevator car and controller. All power and signal is transmitted through it.It is a multi-conductor wire cable They are two basic types of traveling cables in elevators: Round traveling cable Flat traveling cable Features: Conductor Material: Multi-strand ultra-fine flexible finely stranded oxygen-free bare copper wire, meet VDE0295CLASS 5 […]

Important Parts Of Elevator That You Should Know!!!

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At present, there are many changes that have been observed in the fields like computers, industry, as well as software. No doubt, they have contributed great progress in all various sects. By pressing or pushing the button or switch, you can call a box made up of metal or partially glass that can transport you […]