How To Purchase Elevator Resistors?

Rxlg 3500w Ohm Elevator Aluminum Case Wirewound Braking Power Resistor

The elevator resistors are mainly installed on the door control box (Called Door Motor Resistor) or control cabinet. Door control box resistors: Low power and small size, such as model number RXG20-30W; Control cabinet resistors: High power and large size, such as model RXG20-1000W; According the materials, there have green ripple wire-wound resistors and aluminium housed […]

Elevator Components – Push Buttons

D M Type elevator push button

55518811Elevator 55503684 LOP Square Calling Push Button For 3300 Elevator  EB410 Elevator Emergency Lighting Call Push Button 59324863 Elevator LOP Braille Push Button 59324367 /59324369 elevator open close door push button 57618273 elevator alarm push button KA301E elevator spare push button MTD182 elevator square Braille push button 52301381   MTD182 elevator square push button 57600729,52301286,A4N10994,A4J10989 /52301384 DDSQ 1.QA elevator D type Round push […]

Elevator CSB Traction Steel Belt Guide Pulley

elevator lift Traction Steel Belt pulley guide wheel

Hey! Are you looking for elevator steel belt pulley? Good news, we have summarized some commonly used models specifications for your information. More information,welcome to contact us. AAA20780AN1   2 Grooves CSB Pulley for Gen2 MRL Elevators ((Axle Length 185mm/Diameter 125mm) AAA20780P5    3 Grooves CSB Pulley for Gen2 MRL Elevators (Axle Length 230mm/ Diameter 110mm) AAA20780D3   2 […]

What Is The Elevator Five-Way Intercom System?

elevator intercom interphone

Elevator Five Way Intercom Communication System means the communication between the elevator cabin, car top, elevator pit, machine room and duty room. Generally speaking, elevator communication systems are divided into 2 classes —-Analogue and Digital. The analogue intercom can only achieve unilateral calls, while digital intercom can achieve multi-way calls. Nowadays, more and more digital intercoms applied to […]

What is a seismic earthquake sensor in an elevator?

VIB-LINE Elevator Earthquake Sensor Seismic Switch

The elevator seismic earthquake sensor is a kind of equipment used in conjunction with the elevator control system to make the elevator effectively enter the controlled operation before or when the earthquake occurs.  Feature: With self-check function, when a fault occurs, the alarm signal will be output automatically Integrated Design of P-wave and S-wave This product […]

How the Elevator Parts Roller Guide Shoe Works

The elevator parts roller guide shoe is one of the most important components in any modern elevator system. It helps to reduce the amount of friction between the elevator car and the rails, reducing noise, wear, and tear and helping to ensure a smooth ride for passengers. But what exactly does it do? How does […]

ST510 Escalator Moving Walkway Travelator Washing Cleaner Cleaning Machine

ST510 Escalator Washing Cleaner Cleaning Machine

Item: ST510 Escalator/Travelator Cleaner AF-ID: AF-QT10227D Model No.: ST510 Technical Specification ST510 Voltage 220V 50HZ Power supply 2100W Cleaning path 510MM Brush Pressure 30KG Fresh Water Tank Capacity 32L Sewage Water Tank Capacity 35L Cleaning Capacity 1000M/H Cable Length 15M Number of Brush 2 Weight 95KG Dimension 1205*580*90MM Feature: ──Multiple functions and high performance: It is a […]

What Is The Function Of Elevator Safety Gear?

elevator lifts safety gear

Elevator safety gear is one of the elevator important safety devices directly related to the overspeed governor. It is a braking device installed at the bottom of the elevator car or elevator counterweight. It includes two parts: a pulling mechanism and a braking mechanism. Usually they are divided into instantaneous safety gear and progressive safety gear. Instantaneous safety […]

AS380 Series Elevator Integrated Controller Inverter

AS380 ELevator Integrated Controller Inverter

AS380 Series Elevator Integrated Controller Inverter Model No. Rated Capacity Rated Output Current Input Voltage Motor Power AS380 2S01P1 2.3kVA 6A AC380V 1.1KW AS380 2S02P2 4.6kVA 12A AC380V 2.2KW AS380 2S03P7 6.9kVA 18A AC380V 3.7KW AS380 4T02P2 4.7kVA 6.2A AC380V 2.2KW AS380 4T03P7 6.9kVA 9A AC380V 3.7KW AS380 4T05P5 8.5kVA 13A AC380V 5.5KG AS380 4T07P5 […]

How To Adjust MX10 MX18 Brake

Mx06 Mx10 Mx11 Mx18 Mx20 Elevator Brake Coil

MX10 / MX18 brake is the most commonly used in many MonoSpace elevator systems. How to Install and adjust it? Actually, there are twobrakes for gearless host machine MX10/MX18, and need to be adjusted one by one, or will lead to the elevator cabin slided.   Install one brake onto the traction machinefirst(The other one should be […]

Monarch Nice3000new PG Card


Monarch provides 4 types PG card models for Nice3000new : MCTC-PG-A2 MCTC-PG-D MCTC-PG-E MCTC-PG-F1 Different PG cards for different encoder types MCTC-PG-A2: It is used to adapt to the pull and open-collector incremental encoders MCTC-PG-D : It is used to adapt to the UVW differential encoder and applied to synchronous motor. It usually needs 5V […]

FB-9K Elevator Brower Cross Flow Fan Ventilator

FB-9K 220V 110V elevator cross flow fan

FB-9K air cross flow fan is improved on the basis of FB-9B fan with the characteristics of constant installation size, increased air volume, low noise, etc. 1、Purpose: This fan is suitable for ventilation of elevator cabin, driving operation room, cleaning room, laboratory, production workshop, corridor and other places or air conditioning equipment. 2、Features: Multi wing impeller with new Low […]