Elevate Your Elevator Experience with Our High-Tech Electronic PCB Boards

elevator PCB board supplier company

Elevator electronic boards are essential components of elevator control systems. They are responsible for controlling various components of an elevator and ensuring safe and efficient operation. Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality elevator electronic PCB board? Look no further than our products. We offer a range of elevator electronic boards that are designed […]

Elevator Service Tool 

Elevator service tools are essential for elevator technicians to perform maintenance, repairs, and adjustments on elevator systems. Here are some key features of elevator service tools: In conclusion, elevator service tools are essential for elevator technicians to perform maintenance, repairs, and adjustments on elevator systems. Choose our elevator service tools for versatility, efficiency, ease of […]

Elevate Your Elevator Experience with Our High-Quality Elevator Fans

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Are you tired of stepping into a stuffy and humid elevator every day? Do you want to improve the air quality and ventilation in your elevator? Look no further than our high-quality elevator brower fans! Our elevator fans are specifically designed to provide superior ventilation and air circulation in elevators of all sizes. Made from […]

Touchless Elevator Push Button – A Safe and Convenient Solution for Modern Buildings

Touchless Elevator Operation Buttons

Are you concerned about the possibility of cross-infection from touching elevator buttons? Do you want to provide a safe and convenient solution for your building’s occupants? The touchless elevator push button is here to help! Using infrared technology and hand gestures to trigger elevator operation, the touchless elevator button eliminates the need to directly touch […]

Elevator Buffer – Ensuring Safety and Preventing Accidents

Safety Components Elevator Polyurethane Rubber PU Buffer LD-HC-L3 LD-HC-20 LD-HC-21 LD-HC-22 LD-HC-L23 L24 L25

Elevator buffers are an essential component of any elevator system. These devices are designed to protect the elevator from falling too quickly and to prevent damage to both people and property. Elevator buffers are the perfect solution for ensuring safety and preventing accidents. Hydraulic elevator buffers are the most common type of buffer. These buffers […]

How To Order Elevator COP/LOP/HOP?

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Instructions for Ordering Elevator COP: There are two ordering methods based on elevator brand or universal types. Brand: Only the elevator model/control box model can be quoted, including the number of floors and panel materials. However, when ordering in large quantities, it is still necessary to know the size and pictures of the control box. For other steps, […]

Instructions For SIEI INVERTER Main Parts Models:

AVY4371 AVG elevator inverter drive

SIEI inverters are widely used in elevator and escalator industry. Today, we will share you the procurement list of SIEI Series Inverter parts model details ,such as IGBT Module, PG Card, Drive Power Board, Control Motherboard,etc. SIEI Inverter IGBT Rectifier Module: *SEMIKRON SKiiP 83ANB15T1 *SEMIKRON SkiiP 83AC121T1 *SEMIKRON SKiiP 82AC12IT1 *SEMIKRON SKiiP 82ANB15T1 *MUBW50-12E8 *SEMIKRON […]

Tips Of Elevator Door Operator

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Elevator Door Operator : Elevator door operator is the opening and closing devices for elevator car doors. The opening type including: Opening Width Size : 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm, 1050mm, 1100mm, 1150mm, 1200mm, 1250mm, 1300mm Opening Height Size : 2000mm-2400mm Mainly control way: VVVF Brake voltage: DC 24V Power: 380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ Please follow us, […]

What Is The Overspeed Governor?

elevator overspeed governor

The elevator overspeed governor is one of the safety control components in the elevator safety protection system. When the elevator is running over its rated speed or out of control, or the suspension device broken, the overspeed governor and the safety gear will act in linkage to stop the elevator car up or down. The governor is mainly composed of […]

Elevartor AGY AVY AVL AVS AVO Frequency Inverter

Elevator AGY AVY AVL AVS AVO Inverter Drive

SIEI INVERTER usually has models such as AGY, AVY, AVL, AVS, AVO, etc. Commonly used models numbers are included AGY and AVY. The AVY series frequency inverter is a product with a wide power range and generally built-in hardware (built-in PG speed control card, brake unit below 55Kw). It has a rich selection of parameters and strong system compatibility, […]

How To Purchase Elevator Resistors?

Rxlg 3500w Ohm Elevator Aluminum Case Wirewound Braking Power Resistor

The elevator resistors are mainly installed on the door control box (Called Door Motor Resistor) or control cabinet. Door control box resistors: Low power and small size, such as model number RXG20-30W; Control cabinet resistors: High power and large size, such as model RXG20-1000W; According the materials, there have green ripple wire-wound resistors and aluminium housed […]