What Is Traction Machine In Elevator?

What is traction machine in elevator?

The elevator traction machine plays an important role in the elevator. Here I would like to introduce you the elevator traction machine. The elevator traction machine provides the necessary power for the elevator to move up and down by winding the wire rope around the traction sheave, and the other end is connected to the […]

What Is A Light Curtain In An Elevator?

Elevator light curtain is a kind of safety equipment installed in the elevator door, which detects passengers entering and leaving through safety ray or light curtain senso

Do You Know The Function Of Friction Wheel?

What is the escalator friction wheels?

The escalator friction wheel is an important part of the escalator system.What is a friction wheel?Do you know the function of escalator friction wheels? Now let us introduce it so that everyone can have a basic understanding of the escalator handrail friction wheel and deepen their impression of the escalator friction wheel. The function of escalator friction wheel: […]

Elevator Rope Types And Characteristics

Elevator rope types and characteristics

There are many elevator wire rope types,and different types of steel wire ropes play different roles in elevators.How do we distinguish different types of wire ropes when purchasing?This has also become a doubt for many of us.I take this opportunity to introduce three main elevator rope types and their characteristics to you so that you […]

The Wind Felt Inside An Elevator Comes From?

The wind felt inside an elevator comes from?

The elevator fan is usually installed inside the elevator car or at the top of the car.We commonly encounter three types of fans installed inside the elevator car: wall-mounted fans, ceiling fans, and axial fans. Additionally, elevator airflow can also be provided by elevator air conditioning systems.

What Is The Function Of Elevator Safety Gear?

Safety gear are safety protection devices for elevators parts. The elevator safety gear device is a kind of safety device which can stop the car and clamp it on the guide rail when the elevator speed exceeds the rated speed set by the elevator speed governor under the control of the speed governor, or when the suspension rope breaks and loosens. It provides effective protection for the safe operation of the elevator, and is generally installed on the car frame or counterweight frame.

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What Are The Elevator Parts Mainly Including?

What’s including elevator parts?

“Elevator parts” is a generic term referring to various components of an elevator. The specific parts included may vary depending on the manufacturer, elevator model, and design. Here are some common components that may be included in elevator parts:

How To Choose Escalator Chains?

The kind of escalator chain mainly depends on its design and purpose.Here are some common kinds of escalator chains: I. Kinds of escalator chains as follows, 1. Escalator main step chain: with and without chain rollers.Generally, the chain pitch is less than Pitch=100mm, and the step main chain does not have chain rollers, such as Hitachi (pitch […]

How To Learn About Elevator Door Hanger Roller In Three Minutes?

The door hanging wheel mainly consists of three parts: roller blank, bearing, and polyurethane adhesive.
Roller blank materials: Generally, door hanger roller are made of nylon, iron, steel, or aluminum alloy.
Nylon: Engineering plastic. Low noise, lightweight but less wear-resistant compared to iron wheels.
Iron: Good stability, wear-resistant, but much heavier than nylon.
Steel: High strength and durability, suitable for supporting and guiding large and heavy elevator doors.
Aluminum alloy: Lighter weight and good corrosion resistance, suitable for elevator door hanging wheels requiring lightweight design.