How to Customize Elevator Traction Sheave

elevator traction sheave

The standard diameter for elevator pulleys including: diameter 200/240/320/400/440/500/520/540/600/640mm In general, villa elevators use diameter 200/240/320mmOur company specializes in providing various elevator brands The passenger elevator use diameter:320/400/440/520mm Freight elevator /cargo lift use diameter 500/540/600/640mm Elevator pulley bearing standard: Load capacity 200-600kg, generally using bearing: 6208/ 63096210 /6211/ 6212 Load capacity 600-1150kg, generally selected bearing: […]

Hiking Journey in 2023.04—Guangzhou A-FLY International Limited

A person can walk quickly, but he cannot go far. Only a group of people can go further. In April 2023, all team members of Guangzhou A-FLY International Limited  embarked on a hiking trip together. On the journey, we assist each other and collectively challenge the tasks! Hundreds of people drum the ball together! Hundreds […]

Your Guide to Escalator Inverter Drives

An escalator is a type of moving stairway that transports people between building floors. Escalators are composed of various components that work together to make the escalator function. The escalator inverter drive is one of the escalator’s essential components. The focus of this article is Escalator Inverter Drive. A-fly is specialized in elevator parts and escalator […]

What is Escalator Safe Step Demarcation Strip Line Insert?& its Functions

Escalators have grown in significance as a mode of transit in busy places in recent years, such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and subway stations, to enhance accessibility and boost the flow of people. Escalators have also been used in architectural design to improve functionality and aesthetics. Technology improvements in escalators recently have included […]

Everything about Elevator Rotary Encoder

Elevator technology has advanced significantly in recent years. It has been subject to increasing demands in recent years. Lower operating costs, smaller footprints, smaller shafts, and greater speeds are all demanded. Maximum passenger comfort is also essential, necessitating smooth starts, consistent accelerations, soft brakes, and accurate arrival for a comfortable and pleasurable ride. Gains in […]

Your Guide About Elevator Timing Belt

Elevators are the most popular method of vertical transit in modern multi-story buildings. Since its inception, the elevator has experienced several changes, giving rise to organic room elevators, machine room elevators, compact machine room elevators, etc. The unsung hero that keeps elevators running smoothly is the timing belt. They are essential to the operation of […]

What Is an Elevator Buffer?

An elevator is a moving room called a car. The car is made up of many parts, such as a sling consisting of stiles, crosshead, bolster, or safety plank, platform, brace rods, toe guards, and platen plate. The car also includes a cab with doors, wall panels, handrails, return panels, an emergency two-way communication system, […]

Elevator Emergency Intercom System

An elevator or lift is a cable-assisted or hydraulic cylinder-assisted machine that vertically transports people or freight between floors. They are typically powered by electric motors that drive traction cables and counterweight systems. If you are looking for elevator spare parts or elevator door system parts I recommend A-fly. They are a wholesale supplier of […]

Buy Elevator Spare Parts Online From A-FLY!

The world in which we are currently living is a digital world. Sooner or later, we will become totally dependent on technology. Shopping for shoes, clothes, and beauty accessories online was always in trend. But now, you can also buy spare parts and hardware parts online. If your elevator is not working due to faulty […]

Elevator Parts Wholesaler! Different types of elevator

We have been involving lifts throughout recent decades, and have consistently worked on an extremely basic standard. Albeit the straightforward fundamental standard of lift designing has remained similar throughout the long term, there have been many little changes made for the lift to give a smoother ride. By utilizing frameworks that are PC controlled, the productivity of […]

Elevator Parts Wholesaler

We can call elevator as an electric lift that is utilized as vertical or source of items, and apart from that as people with inside the floors in building utilizing cases unlike silos. As usual, those are activated with the electric motors that still to pressure counterweight gadget cables for pressure transaction consisting of a […]