What Is An Encoder Used For ?

What Is An Encoder Used For ?

Elevator encoders play a vital role in elevator control systems and have the following main uses: 1. Position positioning: Elevator encoders can provide precise position information of the elevator car, helping the elevator control system ensure that the elevator accurately stops at the designated floor. This is very important for the safety and comfort of […]

What Is An Elevator Encoder?

What Is An Elevator Encoder?

An elevator encoder is a device used to monitor elevator position, speed and acceleration. It mainly converts the mechanical motion of the elevator into electrical signals so that the elevator control system can accurately control the operation of the elevator.Elevator rotary encoders are usually installed in key parts of the elevator mechanical system, such as […]

What Keep Elevator Door Running Smoothly?

What keeps elevator doors running smoothly?

The elevator door system, comprising the Elevator Door Operator, Landing Door Unit, Door Guides, Door Sensors, and Door Panel, ensures passenger safety, smooth operation, and comfort by managing door movements, synchronizing floor and car doors, detecting passenger presence, and preventing direct contact.

Do You Know Elevator COP &HOP?

Do You Know Elevator COP &HOP?

Passengers interact with the elevator through various control panels and displays. The Car Operation Panel (COP) inside the elevator allows passengers to select floors, control door opening/closing, and contact emergency services. The Hall Operation Panel (HOP) outside the elevator lets passengers call the elevator and indicates its direction. Both panels are crucial for smooth elevator operation and passenger convenience. Additionally, the elevator display provides real-time information on the elevator’s status, enhances security with video signals, and offers additional services like advertising and information display.

How Well Do You Know Elevator Steel Wire Rope?

elevator wire rope

The definition of Steel Wire Rope Steel wire rope is composed of few metal wires twisted into a helix according to certain rules. We can divide it into various types by different ways of classification. But by its very nature, it consists of rope-making wire, the core and rope grease. Elevator steel wire rope plays […]

What Are The Two Types Of Traction Elevator?

What Are The Two Types Of Traction Elevator?

Synchronous traction machines and asynchronous traction machines are two different types of traction machines in the elevator system. They are essentially different in terms of motor type, efficiency, control method, etc. 1. Elevator traction machine type Synchronous traction machine: The rotor speed of this motor changes synchronously with the grid frequency while using a permanent magnet […]

What Is The Use Of Light Curtain?

What is the use of light curtain?

Protect passenger safety: The light curtain forms an invisible protective barrier at the elevator door to prevent passengers from being hurt by the door when the elevator door is closed. When someone crosses this infrared barrier, the elevator doors automatically stop closing and reopen, thus protecting the safety of passengers.

What Is Traction Machine In Elevator?

What is traction machine in elevator?

The elevator traction machine plays an important role in the elevator. Here I would like to introduce you something interesting about it. The elevator traction machine provides the necessary power for the elevator to move up and down by winding the wire rope around the traction sheave, and the other end is connected to the […]

What Is A Light Curtain In An Elevator?

Elevator light curtain is a kind of safety equipment installed in the elevator door, which detects passengers entering and leaving through safety ray or light curtain senso

Do You Know The Function Of Friction Wheel?

What is the escalator friction wheels?

The escalator friction wheel is an important part of the escalator system.What is a friction wheel?Do you know the function of escalator friction wheels? Now let us introduce it so that everyone can have a basic understanding of the escalator handrail friction wheel and deepen their impression of the escalator friction wheel. The function of escalator friction wheel: […]

Elevator Rope Types And Characteristics

Elevator rope types and characteristics

There are many elevator wire rope types,and different types of steel wire ropes play different roles in elevators.How do we distinguish different types of wire ropes when purchasing?This has also become a doubt for many of us.I take this opportunity to introduce three main elevator rope types and their characteristics to you so that you […]