What Are The Escalator Parts Mainly Including?


1. Escalator Drive System:

Escalator main drive unit(Including escalator main drive axle, main gear)

Escalator Motor

Escalator Motor Gearbox

Escalator main step chain

Escalator drive chain

Escalator return chain

Escalator handrail

2. Escalator Step System:

Escalator Steps

Escalator Chain Roller

Escalator Tracks

Escalator Step rollers

3. Escalator Handrail System:

Escalator Handrail:

Escalator handrail drive Roller

Escalator  handrail tension Device

Escalator handrail support rollers

Escalator handrail speed wheels

What Are The Escalator Parts Mainly Including?

4. Escalator Control System:

Escalator Controller

Escalator Inspection box

Escalator Sensors

5. Escalator Safety System:

Escalator Emergency Stop Button

Escalator Overspeed Governor

Escalator Broken Chain Device

Escalator Anti-Entrapment Device

6. Escalator Structural System:

Escalator Truss

Escalator Guide Rails

These systems and components work together to ensure the smooth operation of the escalator and the safety of passengers. Each part must meet the relevant standards and specifications during the design, installation, and maintenance of the escalator.

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What Are The Escalator Parts Mainly Including?
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