The Difference Between Elevator Wireless Intercom and Ordinary Intercom


The elevator wireless intercom and conventional elevator intercom differ in several significant aspects:

Connection Method: Elevator wireless intercoms utilize wireless connections for communication, while conventional elevator intercoms typically rely on wired connections, needing cables to link to the main control system or telephone lines.

Installation Complexity: Due to the absence of wiring requirements, installing elevator wireless intercoms is relatively straightforward, whereas conventional elevator intercoms necessitate wiring connections, making the installation process potentially more complex.

Flexibility: Elevator wireless intercoms offer higher flexibility, allowing installation at any position within the elevator, while conventional intercoms are limited in placement due to wiring constraints.

Maintenance Costs: With no need for wiring and a relatively simple installation process, elevator wireless intercoms generally incur lower maintenance costs, whereas conventional elevator intercoms may require regular checks and maintenance of cable connections, resulting in higher costs.

Safety: In some instances, conventional elevator intercoms may pose safety hazards; for instance, cable damage or breakage could lead to communication interruptions, whereas elevator wireless intercoms can mitigate such risks, ensuring continuous communication.

In summary, elevator wireless intercoms and conventional elevator intercoms differ significantly in connection method, installation complexity, flexibility, maintenance costs, and safety considerations. The choice between them depends on specific needs and circumstances.

The difference between elevator wireless intercom and ordinary intercom
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