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If you have just joined the sales or operation of the escalator industry, and are not familiar with a series of escalator accessories or even feel too complicated, it doesn’t matter that we all learn from the simple, today here for you to explain the simplest accessories of the escalator – escalator comb plate.This is an important escalator part.

First,we need to know what it does and where to install it.

The Comb of the position and function as follows.

Location: The comb plate is located at the exit and entrance of the escalator.

Personal safety: The escalator comb plate is located at the entrance and exit of the escalator and is covered with small comb teeth, which coincide with the step pedals in the boarding and exiting areas. This design effectively prevents passengers from getting their fingers, feet or other foreign objects between themoving steps and the floor board, reducing the risk of pinching or other accidental injury.

2. Guide passengers: The presence of the comb helps guide passengers to enter and leave the front moving area of the escalator correctly. Passengers are usually guided to the station entrance cover plate to ensure that their clothing or body parts do not come into contact with the gap on both sides of the escalator steps, thus reducing potential safety risks.

3. Guide step: The escalator comb plate is located at the entrance or exit of the escalator, and the demarcation line on the ladder is also a series of corresponding teeth or combs, which are matched with the teeth of the frame strip on the ladder.The function of these combs is to ensure that the ladder moves according to the designed trajectory, guiding the ladder up or down.

4. Prevent foreign matter involvement: The design of the escalator comb plate also helps to prevent foreign matter (such as clothing, shoelaces, etc.) from being involved between the escalator chain and the comb gear, thereby reducing the resulting failure and safety problems.

5.Maintain the normal operation of the escalator: Through the coordination with the escalator chain comb gear, the comb plate helps to maintain the normal operation of the escalator system. It ensures that the chain can correctly pull and push the steps of the escalator, so that the escalator maintains a smooth operation.

The second,The comb colors as follows,

First of all, our common colors are yellow, black, gray, and orange and silver.But the most common escalator comb plate is usually yellow in color, the purpose is to improve visual warning and safety.

1.Visual contrast: Yellow is a relatively striking color in most environments,which forms a strong visual contrast with the surrounding environment.This high contrast makes the comb plate more noticeable, especially in busy shopping malls,stations, or other public places.

2. Safety signs: Yellow is usually the color of safety signs and warning signs. By using yellow, the comb plate is seen as a distinct element from the rest, helping passengers to recognize and notice its presence.

3. Emergency identification: In emergency situations, the yellow comb can be more easily identified by passengers, such as when the elevator stops or fails, the yellow sign may attract attention, indicating that passengers may need to take corresponding measures.

4.Easy to recognize: People’s identification of yellow is relatively fast, making the yellow comb more easily noticed in emergency situations. It is important to quickly guide passengers to take the right action.

Although yellow is a common choice, there may be other provisions for the color of the comb plate in some specific designs or standards. But in general, the choice of color is usually based on the consideration of improving visibility and security.

The third,what is the material of the comb plate?

The comb plate is generally made of a strong material to ensure its wear resistance, durability and stability, so it is generally made of:

1.PVC OR ABS: PVC or ABC are the two plastic materials most commonly used for comb plates, low cost, easy to mass production, have a certain buffer and shock absorption effect, can reduce the impact between the steps and other parts of the escalator.

2. Aluminum alloy: Aluminum alloy has a certain strength and corrosion resistance. In some outdoor elevators or subway stations that need waterproof and dust proof overload and frequent use, or the sidewalk of supermarkets, aluminum alloy comb plates are generally selected for escalators.

3 Stainless steel: Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so in high humidity or corrosion-prone environments often choose comb plates made of stainless steel, while stainless steel also has a good appearance and surface smoothness.

4. Cast iron: Cast iron is used less in the comb plate material, because of its strength and overweight bearing capacity is only used in some special occasions.

Finally,To sum up the above content, we know that the comb plate is located at the entrance and exit of the escalator, which is used to make the ladder pedal run stably according to the track and prevent foreign objects from being involved. The color is usually yellow because yellow is easy to be seen. There are four kinds of materials, namely cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC or ABC. If you still want to know how to choose the right comb board, you can click:  https://bit.ly/3uaXkHS  to watch this article, all articles from our website.

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About Escalator comb of materials&function
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