Why Do Escalators Collapse? How To Rescue People?


I believe no matter Where are you from, you may have seen news like this: children getting trapped in escalators while riding them, mothers getting injured trying to save their children, and so on. These accidents often occur in places like shopping malls and subway stations. However, whenever such incidents happen, very few people  know how to rescue those involved correctly.If one day such an accident happens around you, what should you do?

Let’s know about how to rescue people, we first need to understand the working principle of escalator steps and the reasons for their collapse.

Working principle: Each step or tread on an escalator has two sets of escalator wheels, which rotate along two separate tracks.The wheels near the top of the steps are connected to a rotating chain and are driven by a gear mechanism located at the top of the escalator.The wheels of the other groups simply slide along the track, following behind the first group of wheels.The two tracks are separated from each other, allowing each cascading step to remain level, folding the steps into a platform at the top and bottom of the escalator.This makes it easier for the escalator to move up and down.

Causes of collapse:The truss beneath the cascading steps supports and bears the weight of the escalator,All components are securely enclosed and installed in metal trusses,If a human falls into it, it can cause fatal damage。So, the collapse of the stairs only occurs when passengers carry oversized luggage in violation of regulations or when elevators are severely worn out, resulting in excessive pressure on the steps, thus damaging them.

In fact, qualified escalators in operation are equipped with a stair collapse protection device. Once a step collapses due to a malfunction, this protection device can promptly trigger a safety switch and stop the escalator, preventing passengers from falling into the space below the steps.

Why do escalators collapse? How to rescue people?

What should you do first when you find someone being trapped inside the escalator due to a collapsed step?

It is wrong to blindly reach out to pull the person out. When we encounter such a situation, the first thing to do is to press the emergency stop button immediately to halt the operation of the escalator.When you are far from the emergency stop button, you should loudly call out to the nearest person to press it, then pull the person out from inside to minimize casualties.If the emergency stop button is not pressed immediately, the life of the person inside will be in great danger.

Is it possible to use the escalator as stairs in another situation?

The answer is definitely no. When you see an escalator not in operation without a maintenance sign nearby, you might naturally think it’s just a lack of power and try to walk up it. However, this is a very dangerous behavior!The escalator may appear to be stationary on the surface, but it could actually be in operation internally. Walking on it at this time could potentially cause the brakes to malfunction, leading to the collapse of the steps!

The material commonly used for escalator steps is?

Escalators have numerous steps, carry heavy workloads, and operate continuously, so the quality of the steps determines the performance and quality of the escalator. Generally, the steps are required to be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, have good workmanship, and be safe and reliable to use. Currently, steps are mostly made of aluminum alloy through integral die-casting or assembled from stainless steel materials.

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Why do escalators collapse? How to rescue people?
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