What Are The Elevator Parts Mainly Including?


“Elevator parts” is a generic term referring to various components of an elevator. The specific parts included may vary depending on the manufacturer, elevator model, and design. Here are some common components that may be included in elevator parts:


1.Elevator motor

2.Drive sheave

3.Gear reducer

4.Elevator steel ropes or travelling belts

Control System:

1.Control panel

2.Elevator controller

3.Elevator operation panel(COP) or buttons

4.Elevator display

5.Elevator call box(HOP)

Safety Systems:

1.Elevator Safety brake

2.Elevator Buffer

3.Emergency stop device(EPD or ARD)

4.Elevator Over-speed governor

Door Systems:

1.Door operator (electric doors, folding doors, etc.)

2.Landing door unit

3.Door guides

4.Door sensors and switches

5.Door Panel

Cabin and Shaft Decor:

1.Elevator Cabin interior

2.Elevator Shaft wall panels

3.Elevator Lighting fixtures

Electrical Components:

1.Cables and wiring harnesses

2.Electrical switches

3.Elevator lighting fixtures

4.Light curtain

Auxiliary Equipment:

1.Bumpers or anti-collision devices

2.Emergency communication equipment (emergency phone or intercom system)

3.Elevator Fans and air conditioning systems

Sensors and Monitoring Systems:

1.Elevator position sensors

2.Weight sensors

3.Safety cameras or monitoring systems

This is a basic overview, and the specific accessories and components may vary depending on the manufacturer. When selecting elevator parts, it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s specific specifications and parts list.

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