What Is Traction Machine In Elevator?


The elevator traction machine plays an important role in the elevator. Here I would like to introduce you something interesting about it.

The elevator traction machine provides the necessary power for the elevator to move up and down by winding the wire rope around the traction sheave, and the other end is connected to the elevator cabin and counterweight. At the same time, it also controls the running speed of the elevator car to ensure the smooth operation, travel and deceleration of the elevator.

I. Components of the elevator traction machine:

1. Motor: Usually an electric motor, which is the main source of power. Many elevators may use AC or DC motors. These motors function togther with the frequency converters to control the elevator’s running speed.

2. Traction sheave: The traction between the wire rope and the traction sheave allows the traction sheave to move the wire rope raise and lower the elevator car.

Elevator Traction Sheave for MX18R machine

3. Elevator Brake: A critical safety part that keeps the elevator stationary when it stops at a floor. It is usually located in the traction machine to ensure safe operation and the safety of passengers when a fault is detected.

Xinda elevator lift brake DZS165-S DZS165-M DZS165-L

4. Gearbox: Reduces the speed of the motor and increases the torque required for lifting. Gearless traction machines are more common in high-speed or high-rise applications as they connect the traction sheave directly to the motor shaft to increase efficiency.

II.Elevator traction machine operating principle:

Traction principle: This system relies on traction between the traction wheel and the rope. The weight of the counterweight helps maintain this traction, allowing the system to use less energy to move the car.

Direction and speed: Changing the direction of motor rotation can change the direction of car movement. The speed can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the motor, usually through a frequency converter to control the running speed of the elevator.

The elevator traction machine is one of the most common elevator parts. It plays a key role in modern elevator operation and efficiency, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation between floors.

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