Do You Know The Function Of Friction Wheel?


The escalator friction wheel is an important part of the escalator system.What is a friction wheel?Do you know the function of escalator friction wheels? Now let us introduce it so that everyone can have a basic understanding of the escalator handrail friction wheel and deepen their impression of the escalator friction wheel.

The function of escalator friction wheel

1.Transmitting power: The escalator friction wheel is responsible for transmitting power to the operating system of the escalator handrail.Generally, the handrail friction wheel is driven by a small motor, so the handrail friction wheel is a key component for the escalator, and it plays an important role in the smooth operation of the escalator.

2.Supporting function: The escalator handrail friction wheel supports and guides the escalator handrail to maintain the correct track during operation. The escalator friction wheel ensures that the handrail operates normally on the correct track. Thereby it can guarantee the smooth operation of the escalator.

3.Reduce friction: The friction is a wheel rolling static or kinetic friction. The escalator friction wheel uses special materials or coatings, which can reduce friction with the escalator handrail. Polyurethane is one of the common materials for the outer layer of the friction wheel. By reducing friction, we can reduce the wear of the system and ensure the efficient operation of the escalator.

4.Adjust the running speed: The diameter and material of the escalator friction wheel also affect the speed of the escalator, which influences the running speed of handrail. Therefore, the friction wheel of the escalator handrail can control the speed of the escalator.

5.Escalator operation safety: The escalator friction wheel ensures the safety of operation. It can prevent the handrail from coming off the track. This allows the chain to run on the normal track or other unexpected situations, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of the escalator.
To sum up, the escalator handrail friction wheels play an important role in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of the escalator, which gives us safety when riding the escalator

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