What is Escalator Safe Step Demarcation Strip Line Insert?& its Functions


Escalators have grown in significance as a mode of transit in busy places in recent years, such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and subway stations, to enhance accessibility and boost the flow of people. Escalators have also been used in architectural design to improve functionality and aesthetics. Technology improvements in escalators recently have included the creation of energy-efficient systems, enhanced safety measures like the demarcation strip line insert, and the incorporation of smart technology for monitoring and maintenance needs. In this article, we’ll talk about the escalator demarcation strip line insert.

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What is Escalator Demarcation Strip Line Insert?

An escalator demarcation strip line insert is a safety device meant to assist reduce escalator accidents. It is a thin strip of material placed between escalator steps that act as a visual reminder to encourage people to stay in the authorized walking area. This feature’s goal is to lessen the possibility of mishaps brought on by individuals tripping or walking on the escalator’s edges.


The escalator demarcation strip line insert is positioned between the escalators’ steps, providing a distinct line between the walking area and the sidewalls. The escalator demarcation strip line insert is usually made of a durable, slip-resistant material like rubber or PVC. The strip is typically vividly colored to make it simple for viewers to see and follow along.

The strip is made to be flexible so that it may bend and move with the escalator steps. This lessens the possibility of tripping or stepping on the strip, which may cause injuries. Escalator demarcation strip line inserts’ primary purpose is to act as a visual indication to keep users within the allotted walking space on the escalator. It aids in lowering the possibility of mishaps brought by individuals tripping over or stepping on the escalator’s edges.

Escalator demarcation strip line insert is a simple but effective safety item that can assist to minimize the chance of escalator accidents. It is comprised of durable, slip-resistant material that is meant to move with the steps of the escalator and gives a clear better display to assist users to stay inside the specified area. It is a low-cost way for keeping escalator riders safe without the need for costly equipment or upgrades.

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