What Is A Light Curtain In An Elevator?


Elevator light curtain is a kind of safety equipment installed in the elevator door, which detects passengers entering and leaving through safety ray or light curtain sensor.It consists of multiple sets of infrared emitters and receivers, which are vertically aligned along both sides of the elevator entrance. When the elevator doors  open, these emitters and receivers form a dense infrared protective curtain.The application of light curtains primarily began in the 1990s. During this period, with the rapid development of electronic technology and increasing safety requirements of elevator, elevator light curtains started to be widely adopted by manufacturers as an effective safety measure.

What is a light curtain in an elevator?

The application of the elevator light curtain greatly improves the safety of passengers. Compared with the traditional mechanical safety edge, the light curtain can provide a more sensitive and continuous protection range, preventing the possible nip accident when the elevator door close. Nowadays, the elevator light curtain has become a standard configuration in the elevator installation and is an indispensable part of the modern elevator safety system.

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What is a light curtain in an elevator?
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