Touchless Elevator Push Button – A Safe and Convenient Solution for Modern Buildings


Are you concerned about the possibility of cross-infection from touching elevator buttons? Do you want to provide a safe and convenient solution for your building’s occupants? The touchless elevator push button is here to help!

Using infrared technology and hand gestures to trigger elevator operation, the touchless elevator button eliminates the need to directly touch elevator buttons, reducing the possibility of cross-infection and enhancing the safety and health of passengers.

Touchless Elevator Operation Buttons

Not only is the touchless elevator button safe and healthy, but it is also easy to operate and efficient in running. It is an intelligent technology that improves the elevator’s operation efficiency and user experience.

elevator touchless push button

In addition, the touchless elevator button is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, promoting low-carbon travel and contributing to the sustainable development of modern cities.

Don’t wait! Upgrade your building’s elevator system with the touchless elevator button and provide a safe and convenient solution for your building’s occupants. Choose safety, choose health, choose the touchless elevator push buttons from us!

A-FLY International Limited provide elevator touchless push buttons with different types and specifications,supporting original brand ordering and customization!

Come A-FLY, Get All Your Right Parts.

Professional global elevator & escalator spare parts supplier.

Since 1999, more than 20 years experience in elevator & escalator field.

Elevator Touchless Push Button
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