The Wind Felt Inside An Elevator Comes From?


When we enter an elevator, we can always feel a cool breeze blowing as it moves up and down, but looking around, we can’t find any fans. Now I will reveal the source of the wind for you.

The elevator fan is usually installed inside the elevator car or at the top of the car.We commonly encounter three types of fans installed inside the elevator car: wall-mounted fans, ceiling fans, and axial fans. Additionally, elevator airflow can also be provided by elevator air conditioning systems.

The wall-mounted elevator fan is a type of fan specifically installed on the interior side walls of the elevator car. Its main purpose is to:

1. Ventilation and Heat Dissipation: Wall-mounted fans can help to expel the heat and moisture inside the elevator car. During hot summers, they can directly blow air onto passengers, providing immediate relief from heat and stuffiness.

2.Air Purification: By operating the fan, the air inside the elevator can be circulated with fresh external air, swiftly eliminating smoke and other odors.

Ceiling-mounted fans in elevators are typically installed in freight elevators. These fans are used to provide air circulation and ventilation inside the freight elevator, ensuring that the air quality remains good during the transportation of goods.These fans are usually installed at the top of the freight elevator and can be either ordinary electric fans or specially designed ventilation equipment.In contrast, passenger elevators generally do not have ceiling-mounted fans inside the car, unless it’s for cost-saving purposes. Typically, passenger elevators are equipped with axial flow fans under normal circumstances.

The wind felt inside an elevator comes from?

The elevator axial flow fan is a common type of fan, typically installed at the top of the elevator shaft or inside the elevator car, used for ventilation and cooling purposes.When riding in an elevator, we may feel the breeze without seeing a fan because axial flow fans are installed.This type of fan is named for its characteristic of generating airflow along the axis of rotation. Here are some features and applications of elevator axial flow fans:

1.Ventilation and Cooling: The primary function of elevator axial flow fans is to provide ventilation and cooling for the elevator shaft or car, ensuring air circulation and maintaining good air quality.

2. Installation Location: These fans are typically installed at the top of the elevator shaft or the top of the elevator car, and sometimes on the side of the elevator shaft. The choice of installation location depends on the elevator design, shaft structure, and ventilation requirements.

3. Axial Flow Design: Elevator axial flow fans employ an axial flow design, allowing the fan to generate airflow along the axis of rotation, thereby effectively circulating air.

4. Quiet Design: To reduce noise disturbance during operation, some elevator axial flow fans incorporate a quiet design, utilizing low-noise motors and fan blades to enhance passenger comfort.

The wind felt inside an elevator comes from?

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