Elevator Contactor


Elevator contactor is a type of motor controller that can control the speed and brake the elevator motor based on the direction of elevator operation and load conditions, thereby achieving safe operation of the elevator.

The letters of various contactors in elevators represent different meanings

KA intermediate relay; KAS/JAQ/SC safety circuit contactor; KAD/DLC/MSJ door lock circuit contactor; KAQ load-bearing leveling relay; KAU elevator up contactor; KAGC group control relay;

KM contactor; KMC main contactor; KMY auxiliary contactor; KMB/BY/DZJ holding brake circuit contactor; KMZ/KT holding brake strong excitation contactor; ZQ1/ZQ2 band brake wiring terminal; RZ1 sliding resistance

elevator AC contactor

KDY/JYX/SW/YJ/KMY operating contactor

KXX/JXW/PFR/KAP phase sequence relay

KAY sealed star contactor

RZD/DBR braking resistor; BU/DBU braking unit

KT time relay

KD differential relay

KS signal relay

KP polarization relay

KR dry spring relay

KI impedance relay

QF circuit breaker

QS isolation switch

TV Voltage transformer

TA current transformer

DC direct current

AC alternating current

FU fuse

OCB power main air switch

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