Elevator Traveling Cable

Elevator Traveling Cable is a link between the elevator car and controller. All power and signal is transmitted through it.It is a multi-conductor wire cable

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Escalator Handrail Guide Rail Curved

What is escalator track?

The escalator track is built into the truss to guide the step chain, which continuously pulls the steps from the bottom platform and back to the

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Elevator Calibration Ruler

Elevator Guide Rail Alignment Gauge

Elevator guide rail alignment gauge also known as elevator track calibrator, guide rail ruler,which is a brand-new and high-precision elevator guide rail installation tool,and suitable for scaffolding or

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elevator car top pit inspection box

Elevator Inspection Box

Elevator Inspection Box is an important device for mechanics to maintain and repair the elevator. Usually, there are three inspection boxes installed on the elevator. 1.Machine room

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