Wiring Method For Elevator Photoelectric Switch


Three-wire and four-wire elevator photoelectric switches are two common types that have some differences in wiring and functionality.

Elevator Photoelectric Switch Leveling Sensor

Three-Wire Elevator Photoelectric Switch:

The three-wire sensor has two wiring options to meet the requirements of the elevator.
The yellow and blue wires have the same function, and you can choose either based on personal preference. It can automatically recognize NPN and PNP types. In common practice, elevators are normal open and normal closed after removing the handbrake.

elevator lfits infrared photoelectric induction switch

Four-Wire Elevator Photoelectric Switch:

The four-wire sensor cannot switch between normal open and normal close states. Once the wiring is determined, the polarity cannot be reversed. The wiring should be based on the on-site signal. If it is unclear whether an NPN or PNP type switch is needed, you can first connect the yellow wire to test if it functions properly. If it doesn’t, then connect the white wire.
When wiring, only one signal wire needs to be used. The other signal wire should be insulated with electrical tape to prevent grounding.
Please note that during actual installation and wiring, it is important to follow the specific instructions and installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the elevator photoelectric switch to ensure correct wiring and installation.

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