How to Use Elevator Roller Guide Shoe?


Elevator roller guide shoes, due to their use of rolling contact, can reduce frictional resistance between the guide shoes and guide rails, save power, reduce vibration, and noise, and are used for high-speed elevators (2m/s and above). When the cabin is in operation, all three rollers roll simultaneously to maintain smooth operation of the car.

1. Installation of guide shoes: Each elevator car is equipped with four sets of guide shoes, each set installed on the top beams on both sides and under the car’s bottom safety clamp; four sets of counterweight guide shoes are installed on the bottom and top of the counterweight beam. The guide shoes fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rails installed on the elevator shaft walls, preventing the car from swaying or swinging during operation.

2. Adjustment of roller clearance: The clearance between the roller of the roller guide shoe and the guide rail surface is 1-2mm. It is important to adjust the clearance between the roller and the guide rail correctly. Too large a gap can cause shaking of the car during operation, while too small a gap can increase wear and noise.

3. Inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the wear and fixation of the elevator roller guide shoes. If severe wear or damage is found, replace them promptly. Also, check if the guide shoes are loose and, if necessary, re-tighten them.

4. Testing operation: After installing or maintaining the roller guide shoes, perform a test run of the elevator to check for smooth operation and any abnormal noise or vibration, ensuring that the elevator aligns well at each floor.

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