How To Quickly Install Elevator Safety Gear


AQ32KB safety gear is single wedge progressive safety gear,which has characteristics as stability function,safety usage reliability,easy for installtion and maintannance ect. This type of safety gear could be used as the new generation elevator safety component product ,also could be used for regenerate the out of date elevators
Main technical specifications:

Rated speed0.2-2.0m/s
Max running speed2.89m/s
Permissible groos mass:(P+Q)11200-2700kg
Type of spring componentdisc spring
Guide rail surface width9,10,15.88,16mm
Machined guide rail hardness115-143 HB
Guide rail machined styleMachined、Cold drawn
Machined guide rail surface roughnesslateral 0.8um≤Ra≤3.2um vertical Ra≤1.6um
Guide rail ribricationlubrication and nunlubrication
Lubrication requirements(enviorment stable)-5~35℃: ISO VG 320、ISO VG 100
Use for car/counterweight
Net weight/pair6.4 kg

Contruction instrction:
AQ32KB safety gear is using the belleville spring and the single wedge pulling
construction. When the elevator goes down,the running speed is over the rated and
gets the governor tripping speed, the operation system of the gear will make
the gripping wedge move upwards on the bevel of the gear through pu;;ing plate.
When the gripping wedge connects the guide rail, the frication will be
generated. the gripping wedge move upward on the bevel of the gear
continuously and pull the car deviation to eliminate the distance between
guide rail and the gripping wedges will grip the guide rail,then control the car
deceleration by frication made through the wedge and guide rail

How To Quickly Install Elevator Safety Gear?

  • Fasten the safety gear to the special use bracket (or bottom beam) with 4XM12 bolt, no overtone
  • Install the guide rail to the bottom of safety gear specical use bracket (or bottom beam) with bolts and screws
  • Adjust the position of safety gear and gudie rail shoes, ensure the equally distance bewteen the two wedges of the safety gear to both sides of the guide rail around 2.5±0.5mm.Make sure the guide rail shoes sleeve connect to the guide rail surface,.Fasten the bolt and the screws after adjusting.
  • Fasten the pull rod and the riveting pin of the gripping wedge and bix with cotter pin
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