How To Learn About Elevator Door Hanger Roller In Three Minutes?


Elevators are vital modes of transportation that we use every day. However, have you ever taken a close look at how elevators operate and the various components involved? The door hangerroller is one of the most components in the elevator doors. This article will introduce the elevator door hanger roller. Take three minutes to read the following content and know about elevator components.

Function: The door hanger roller is one of the sliding components on the elevator door hanger plate, and the hanger plate is the suspension device on the door, mainly used to support and suspend the operation of the car door and the landing door. The hanger plate is usually composed of parts such as the wheel axle, pulley, bearing, and fixed bracket. The function of the door hanger roller is to enable the elevator door to open and close smoothly while ensuring the stability and safety of the door.

The principle of the door hanger roller is to utilize sliding friction and the supporting structure of the wheel axle to achieve the opening and closing movement of the door. When the elevator starts or stops, the door hanger roller bears the weight of the car door and the landing door, and opens or closes the door through sliding. The bearings of the door hanger roller can reduce the friction generated during sliding, ensuring the smooth movement of the door.

The door hanging wheel mainly consists of three parts: roller blank, bearing, and polyurethane adhesive.

Roller blank materials: Generally, door hanger roller are made of nylon, iron, steel, or aluminum alloy.

Nylon: Engineering plastic. Low noise, lightweight but less wear-resistant compared to iron wheels.

Iron: Good stability, wear-resistant, but much heavier than nylon.

Steel: High strength and durability, suitable for supporting and guiding large and heavy elevator doors.

Aluminum alloy: Lighter weight and good corrosion resistance, suitable for elevator door hanging wheels requiring lightweight design.

The door hangerroller is a crucial component in elevators. If the door hangerroller malfunctions or becomes worn or damaged, it can lead to the following issues:

1. Inefficient operation: Damaged door hanger roller can cause the doors to operate improperly, resulting in sticking or incomplete closure during opening and closing, affecting passenger safety.

2. Increased noise: Damaged door hanger roller can also lead to abnormal noise when the elevator doors are in operation. This not only affects passengers’ comfort but also raises concerns about their safety.

3. Increased friction: Damaged door hanger roller can increase the friction between the door and the guide rail, adding to the operational load of the elevator doors. This can result in premature wear of elevator components and potentially reduce the overall operational efficiency of the elevator.

4.Elevator shutdown: In cases of severe damage, the failure of the door hanger roller can cause the elevator to stop operating.

Regularly inspecting the wear of door hanger roller and promptly replacing damaged components are crucial steps in ensuring the safe operation of elevators. Therefore, choosing high-quality door hanger roller is of the most importance.The reasons mentioned above (1-3) are mainly influenced by the quality of the bearings and the polyurethane adhesive poured onto the door hanger roller blanks. Therefore, when producing door hanger roller, it is essential to choose a reliable and stable bearing supplier. Additionally, the choice of polyurethane adhesive should also be based on the specific functions of elevator doors, selecting polyurethane with good wear resistance and elasticity.

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How to learn about Elevator Door Hanger Roller in three minutes?
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