How to Customize Elevator Traction Sheave


The standard diameter for elevator pulleys including: diameter 200/240/320/400/440/500/520/540/600/640mm

In general, villa elevators use diameter 200/240/320mmOur company specializes in providing various elevator brands

The passenger elevator use diameter:320/400/440/520mm

Freight elevator /cargo lift use diameter 500/540/600/640mm

Elevator pulley bearing standard:

Load capacity 200-600kg, generally using bearing: 6208/ 63096210 /6211/ 6212

Load capacity 600-1150kg, generally selected bearing: 6212 /6213/ 6214/6215 /6216/ 6310 /6311 /6312

Load capacity 1150-3000kg, generally using bearing: 6313 /6314/ 6315/ 6316

Load capacity 3000-5000kg, generally using bearing: 6319 /6318 /6319

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