Main Features For Home Villa Small Machine Roomless Gearless Elevator


The GeN2 series elevators integrate creative polyurethane flat composite steel strip technology and modern aesthetic concepts, providing customers with a new experience and enhancing the noble taste of buildings.

Main features of the products:

  1. Flat composite steel strip technology

2. PM Machine permanent magnet gearless traction machine

GEN2 Elevator PCB Board List:

FAA25100K1   Display PCB Board (Discontinued, Can Be Replaced By FAA25100AA2 )

GBA26800LB20 GBA26800LB1 GBA26800LB2   BCB Battery Control Board no ARO for Brake Release

FDA23600V1  LCD Display Board

GDA26800KA2 GCA26800KA2 GDA610AAH1  TCBC Main Board

GAA26800KJ1 GBA26800KJ1   LWB_II Weighing Board

GAA26800KM1/GBA26800KM10   SPBC II  Inspection Board

GBA26810A2    WWPDB   Drive Board

elevators PCB Board

GDA26800KA1 GCA26800KA1    TCBC PCB board

FAA25402AF1 FAA25402AF FAA25402AF4 FBA610CD1       Weighing Device Board

GAA26800BA2 GBA26800BA2 GCA26800BA2 GFA26800BA2    Control Cabinet PCB Board

(GBA26800BA2 can be used to replace GEA26800BA4)

GCA26800MD2 GCA26800MD20  GECB_II PCB Board (Used with ABA26800AVP6 Board)

GCA26800KV440, GCA26800KV70  MCB3X PCB Board

AA25005G1 GAA610ZC1 Key Switch Box HOB PCB Board / Landing Push Button Board

GAA24270AB2  Load Weighing PCB Board (LWB)

GAA26800KF1 GCA26800KF1  MCB-III Board

SPB-GCA26800BB1/GI GCA26800BB2  Brake PCB Board

GCA26800KX1 GAA26800KX1 GBA26800KX1  SPBC-III GI Board

GBA26810A1 GBA26810A2   WWPDB Driver Frequency Inverter Board

GAA26810C1 GAA26810C2   WWPB_2 Driver Mother Board

GAA26800BG1   BRB1 BRE Motherboard

FAA25402AJ1    Car Top Junction Box PCB Board

ABA26800AVP6  ABA26800AVP3 DBA26800EE1   GECB-V2 APIO Motherboard

GAA26800NB1    SPBC-II Motherboard

GBA26800KB401 EEV26800KB401  SPBC Motherboard

GAA26800KB1  Roomless GEN2 SPBC Board (GEN II SPBC Board)

GCA26800KV3 GCA26800KV7  OVF20CR Inverter Board

GBA26800KB1 GAA26800KB1 GBA610AAJ1    SPBC PCB Board

GBA26800BB2 GBA26800BB1   Rescue SPB Board

ABA26800TH1  E311 E411 Board

ABA26800APS1   Speech Board

FAA23600AB1 NAA23600B   LOP HOP Arrival Gong Display Board with Buzzer (NAA23600B can be replaced FAA23600AB1)

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