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Elevator technology has advanced significantly in recent years. It has been subject to increasing demands in recent years. Lower operating costs, smaller footprints, smaller shafts, and greater speeds are all demanded. Maximum passenger comfort is also essential, necessitating smooth starts, consistent accelerations, soft brakes, and accurate arrival for a comfortable and pleasurable ride. Gains in elevator efficiency can be achieved to extend maintenance intervals, and boost performance. The purpose of the elevator is to always provide a safe and secure trip. Elevator encoders provide accurate vertical lift and speed measurement control, which is essential for ensuring both mechanical and passenger safety. The choice of a high-quality elevator encoder is crucial for preventing unneeded downtime and attaining effective working results. Choose us for the best elevator encoder.

A-fly is specialized in elevator parts and escalator spare parts manufacturing and service. We are a wholesale supplier of elevator parts. Our elevator rotary encoder model number is DY88-30C-1024 VL and its id number is EEC00474. It is 88*68/59*30mm in size.

What exactly is a rotary encoder?

A rotary encoder is an electromechanical equipment that fastens to a motor/shaft assembly in order to precisely report the position, speed, and acceleration of the rotating shaft. The rotary encoder detects the rotating shafts’ angular location and motion and uses that information to produce digital output signals.

What role a rotary encoder has in an elevator system?

Elevator rotary encoders alert the controller when a car has arrived on the right floor and is in the right position. In other words, elevator doors open level with the floor thanks to encoder motion input to the elevator controller. Without encoders, entering or exiting an elevator could require climbing rather than simply walking onto a level floor.

Elevator encoders perform a number of tasks to ensure the safe and effective operation of electric elevators, including elevator motor commutation, elevator speed control, elevator door operation, vertical positioning, and elevator governors.

The rotary encoder is the most popular sensor for converting mechanical shaft position into a pulse or digital output.  The rotary encoder consists of an encoder disc and a photoelectricity detector. The disc is round and has a uniform distribution of square holes throughout it. The motor’s shaft and the disc both revolve. The sensing apparatus produces several pulse signals.

In a closed system, the rotary encoder provides elevator speed and distance feedback in conjunction with the PLC, frequency converter, and motor.

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