Escalator Step Chain


The escalator step chain is an important component in escalator systems. It consists of a series of interconnected metal steps that form a continuous loop. The steps are attached to the chain, which is driven by a motor, causing them to move in a cyclical motion.
The components that make up the escalator step chain generally consist of six parts:

chain plates; pins; sleeves; rollers (wheels); retaining rings; and step axles.

These six major components can be combined in different ways to form various types of escalator step chains, catering to different usage conditions.
Controlled parameters in the manufacturing process of escalator chains include:
Main controlled parameters of chain components:
.Chain plates: pitch, aperture, hole brightness, hardness, flatness.
.Pins: outer diameter, length, hardness, hardening layer.
.Sleeves: outer diameter, inner diameter, height, concentricity, hardness, hardening layer.
.Rollers: outer diameter, inner diameter, height, concentricity, hardness.
.Wheels: outer diameter, height, color, bearings.

escalator step chain

Main controlled parameters of the chain:
.Interchangeability parameters: pitch, inner width of the inner link, roller (wheel) outer diameter, roller center distance.
.Conventional test items: tensile strength, chain length accuracy, total clearance, flexibility of rollers or wheels, flexibility of chain links, increase in rivet head size of pins, chain distortion, appearance.

A-FLY International LTD is a company specializing in the research 、development 、production of various types of escalator chains. Our escalator steps chain are provided with following characteristics:

Reliability and durability: Escalator step chains are designed and manufactured to be highly robust and durable. They can withstand heavy loads and frequent usage, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of the escalator.

Safety: The step chain plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the escalator. By securely connecting the steps and transmitting power, it ensures the stability and balance of the steps. High-quality step chains offer enhanced safety measures to prevent steps from sliding or detaching from the chain.

Smooth and quiet operation: Excellent escalator step chains provide a smooth and noiseless riding experience. They undergo precise machining and optimized design to minimize friction and vibrations, making the escalator ride more comfortable and quiet.

Ease of maintenance: Escalator step chains are often designed to be easily maintained and replaced. The chain and its components can be quickly disassembled and replaced, facilitating efficient repair and maintenance work.

Adaptability to different environments: Escalator step chains come in various specifications and materials to adapt to different escalator environments and usage conditions. They can be suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, as well as withstand high or low-temperature environments.

Overall, our escalator step chains are highly favored by customers for its reliability, safety, smoothness, and ease of maintenance,. They can provide a safe and comfortable riding experience while ensuring the stable operation of the escalator system. Contact us to get more information now

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