Elevator Rope Types And Characteristics


There are many elevator wire rope types,and different types of steel wire ropes play different roles in elevators.How do we distinguish different types of wire ropes when purchasing?This has also become a doubt for many of us.I take this opportunity to introduce three main elevator rope types and their characteristics to you so that you can be targeted when purchasing.

There are three main types of steel wire ropes in elevators:

The first is the elevator hoist rope

The second is the landing door steel wire rope

The third is the elevator governor rope

I. Elevator hoist rope

1. Function: Elevator steel wire rope is used to support and transmit the weight of the elevator bottom cabin or escalator bottom platform.

2. Features: Steel wire ropes are divided into whole steel core steel wire ropes and half core steel wire ropes. When choosing, you should also look at the specific parameters of the elevator, so that the choice will be more targeted.

3. Requirements: The tension of this steel wire must be large enough, because this is an important guarantee to ensure the safety and stability of the elevator during operation.

II. Elevator landing door steel wire rope

1. Function: Used at the door operate to control the closing and opening of the elevator car door.

2. Features: Its bearing capacity is not too great. The general landing door steel wire rope has a clamp ring that can fasten the end to a point.

3. Requirements: Must comply with relevant safety standards to ensure that the elevator door is stable and safe during operation. At the same time, it also has high requirements for cleanliness. In order to reduce friction.

III. Elevator governor rope

6.5mm Elevator Speed Governor Wire Rope

1. Function: used in speed governor with safety braking function.

2. Features: When the speed of the elevator is abnormal when it is running, it will brake urgently to ensure the safety of people while riding.

3. Requirements: It must have sufficient strength, durability, and enable the speed limiter to operate in a timely manner to ensure that the system can stop quickly in an emergency.

Overall, these steel wire ropes play a key role in elevator systems, but their design and requirements vary depending on the application and function. Their common function is to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the elevator.

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