Elevator Oil Cup


The elevator oil cup is an automatic lubricating device installed on the guide shoe to lubricate the guide rail and guide shoe. The installation of oil cup shall be carried out after cleaning the elevator hoistway. Usually, it is divided into counterweight oil cup and cabin oil cup. In appearance, there are round or square shape oil cup.

The installation requirements for oil cup as follows:

The oil cup should be installed on the guide shoe. After installation, it should be divided into the left and right side of the guide rail and the the oil cup felt should be close to the guide rail.Also, there should be a gap between the front side and the guide rail top surface.

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Elevator Oil Cup Oil Can

Commonly purchasing oil cup model for your information:

KM51079340V002 KM51034185V001 Elevator Square Oil Cup/Oil Can

KM86375G16U KM86375G16 KM86375G09 Elevator Guide Rail Oiler /Oil Cup Lubricator

RL-83 YA038B139G02 Elevator Oil Cup

KM947605 Square universal type elevator oil cup 103*100*8

RL-300 YA188B264G01 Elevator Square Oil Cup

RL-250 182*168*53 machine roomless elevator Square Oil Cup

FAA435C3  elevator Square Oil Cup 115*80*80

100524 elevator Square Oil Can 104*105*81

HLP68  HH150 H50 Elevator Guide Rail Counterweight Auxiliary Rail Oil Cup

J100 J110 J112 J140 J150 J160 Elevator Square/Round Oil Lubricator/Oil Cup/Oil Can

XAA349C1 elevator  Square Oil Can 104*101*83

FAA508C1 J120 Oil Elevator Oil Collector

KM746041H02 KM746041H03 Elevator Oil Clector

TKB16  TB10 TB16 Oil Elevator Oil Cup

DS-T04 Elevator Small square Oil Cup

YB-10 Elevator Oil Box Collection 105*105*135MM

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