Elevator Landing Door Vane Accessories


Elevator door vane is the open and close device of the landing door. As the core part of the mechanical structure for the elevator door operator, its performance will directly affect the customer experience in using elevator .

According to different door opening modes, the elevator door vane is divided into synchronous door vane and asynchronous door vane.

Asynchronous elevator door vane with simple structure and high reliability is more widely used in elevator market.

Common purchasing for elevator door vane models:

DAA24390H1 / FAA24390H1 / DAA24390D1 / XAA24390B1 Elevator AT120 / Sky / H1 Door Vane Left / Right Side

968074 / 968075 /59300010 Elevator V30 Landing Door Coupler

582971 / 582972 / 582973 / 582974 / 250711 Elevator QKS9 Door Vane

59310300 / 59310111 Elevator V50 Landing Door Vane Door Coupler

KM602673G05 / 602924H01 / 902671G13 Elevator AMD Landing Door Vane

KM900650G13 Elevator R1 R5 Door Vane

KM902670G13 Elevator D7 Door Skate Door Cam

Elevator Door Parts Elevator F9 Door Vane Door Knife S8 K8

elevator door cam door vane door skate door knife

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