Elevator Emergency Intercom System


An elevator or lift is a cable-assisted or hydraulic cylinder-assisted machine that vertically transports people or freight between floors. They are typically powered by electric motors that drive traction cables and counterweight systems.

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A fly’s elevator emergency intercom System is also known as an elevator communion system. An elevator intercom system is an emergency telephone for communication purposes. This system is used to connect with a specific group of people in case of an emergency. It is a two-way communication operation with a microphone and loudspeaker. From the elevator using the intercom, you can call the monitoring room, maintenance department, control room or reception area of the buildings. Contact numbers of the emergency departments are usually set on the dialer.

The elevator intercom system consists of telephone sets, walkie-talkies, public access loudspeaker systems, wall-mounted speakers, and phone systems. The telephone has a dialer and receiver. This telephone can assist you to call others in case of an emergency. The model of this elevator system is TK -TC12(1-1) A1.

Its size is 155*52*588mm. Its AF odd number is TY-9001-C. Its voltage is Dc 12v.

Communicators can be analogue, digital or IP communicators. The elevator intercom is installed in the cabin and typically connected to the machine is probably by two wires in the travelling cable.

A building’s visitors can call inhabitants via an intercom system, which subsequently sends audio and video signals to substation devices so that residents and guests can converse. Audio and video are recorded by the base station and sent to the substations.

Elevator intercoms are installed for safer reasons. One can use it when a power outage or sudden stoppage in the elevator. It is also useful for medical emergencies in elevators. The elevator intercom helps to alert if someone is attacked or assaulted. The main purpose of an elevator interim is to provide safety to riders to elevators.

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