Elevartor AGY AVY AVL AVS AVO Frequency Inverter


SIEI INVERTER usually has models such as AGY, AVY, AVL, AVS, AVO, etc. Commonly used models numbers are included AGY and AVY.

The AVY series frequency inverter is a product with a wide power range and generally built-in hardware (built-in PG speed control card, brake unit below 55Kw). It has a rich selection of parameters and strong system compatibility, which can meet the various needs of OEM manufacturers, system integrators, and control cabinet manufacturers in the elevator and lifting industry.

For synchronous motors:

For gear frequency converters, the default (SIEI factory) setting is V/F control mode; The default (unique) setting for gearless frequency converters at the factory is Brushless control mode.

Geared frequency converter control mode setting: STARTUP/Regulation mode=Field oriented (i.e. vector closed-loop control)

Control modes available for frequency inverters:

(1) V/F Control

(2) Field oriented

(3) Sensorless

(4) Brushless

Elevator AGY AVY AVL AVS AVO Inverter Drive

SIEI AVY Series Synchronous And Asynchronous Inverter Models:

SIEI AVy Series Synchronous Elevator Inverter Models:

*AVy2055-KBL -BR4  5.5KW

*AVy2075-KBL -BR4  7.5KW

*AVy3110-KBL -BR4  11KW

*AVy3150-KBL -BR4  15KW

*AVy4185-KBL -BR4  18.5KW

*AVy4221-KBL -BR4  22KW

*AVy4301-KBL -BR4  30KW

*AVy4370-KBL- BR4  37KW

*AVy5550-KBL- BR4  55KW

*AVy5450-KBL -BR4  45KW

*AVy6750-KBL -BR4  75KW

SIEI AVy Series Asynchronous Elevator Inverter Models:

*AVy2055-KBL -AC4-0  5.5KW

*AVy2075-KBL -AC4-0  7.5KW

*AVO2055-KBL- AC4-0  5.5KW

*AVy4185-KBL -AC4-0  18.5KW

*AVy3150-KBL -AC40-0  15KW                                                                 

*AVy4221-KBL -AC40-0  22KW

*AVO5550-KBL -AC40-0  55KW

*AVO3075-KBL- AC40-0  7.5KW

*AVO3110-KBL- AC40-0  11KW

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