Do You Know Famous Brands Of Elevator Light Curtain In The World?


Here are some elevator light curtain manufacturer,

CEDES light curtain

ADAMS elevator light curtain

WECO elevator safety light curtain

MEMCO elevator light curtains

CEDES is a well-known Swiss company that specializes in sensor technology, including light curtains. CEDES light curtains are often used in various applications, including elevator safety systems. They provide reliable detection and protection by using infrared beams to detect obstacles or passengers in the path of the elevator doors, ensuring safe operation. CEDES is recognized for its high-quality sensors and innovative solutions in the field of elevator safety and automation.

CEDES elevator light curtain have some types,such as cegardmax-74,cegardmini-79,minimax-79 types.

WECO (Weco Electrical Connectors Inc.) is a company that manufactures various electrical components, including light curtains. WECO light curtains are often used in industrial automation and safety applications. Similar to other light curtain systems, WECO’s products utilize arrays of infrared beams to detect the presence of objects or personnel in a specified area. These curtains are commonly employed in machinery safety systems to prevent accidents by immediately stopping or altering the operation of machinery when an obstruction is detected. WECO is known for producing reliable and high-quality electrical components, including light curtains, to meet the safety needs of various industries.

WECO have many types of elevator light curtains as following,

MEMCO safety light curtain have PANA40 and 3D light curtains.

ADAMS Elevator Equipment Co. is a well-known supplier of elevator parts and accessories, including light curtains. It offers a range of elevator safety products, including light curtains, door detectors, and other components designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of elevator systems. ADAMS Elevator light curtains are typically utilized as part of the door protection system in elevators, helping to detect obstructions and ensure safe operation of the doors. ADAMS Elevator is recognized for its high-quality elevator components and its commitment to providing reliable solutions for the elevator industry.

Weco Elevator Light Curtain 917-A61 DC-24V 
ModelNumber of diodesNumber of BeamsDetector DimensionVoltage
917F 32128~94Beams2000*70*25mmAC220V/AC110V/DC24V
Do you know famous brands of elevator light curtain in the world?
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