Escalator & Moving Walkway Step Dimensions


Escalator step is mainly consist of step plate (tread); step riser( cleat),step hook (T Bra); step driving roller (trailing roller); step demarcation line; axle slot; frame yoke.

Modern escalators are usually inclined at 30° or d 35°.

Most manufacturers offer escalator steps in three widths: 600mm, 800m and 1000mm.

Escalator Moving Walkway Step Dimensions

In purchasing activities,how to quickly find the right steps you need? Here are some tips you must know:

  1. Escalator step length and width

    2. Step roller dimensions (diameter, thickness and bearing)

    3. Step materials: stainless steel or aluminum alloy

    4. Step color: black, silver, grey or other.

    5. Step with demarcation line or not; demarcation line is painted, or yellow/black plastic

    6. Escalator inclination angle (35° or 30°)

    7. Escalator brand

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 Yellow Demarcation Escalator Aluminum Step Pallet Escalator Aluminum Alloy Step with Yellow Demarcation 600mm 800mm 1000mm

RXTB1000B Escalator Moving Sidewalk Pallet Escalator Aluminum Alloy Step Pallet with Yellow Demarcation Line

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