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Elevator’s safety and effectiveness depend on regular inspections and maintenance. Sheaves are one of the most essential parts of traction elevators. Elevator sheaves must undergo routine maintenance and inspection since they are essential to how elevators work. If you are looking for elevator components, specifically your elevator’s sheaves your search ended by now.

A-fly is specialized in elevator parts and escalator spare parts manufacturing and service. They are a wholesale supplier of elevator parts.

A-fly”s Elevator traction Sheave AF-ID number is AF-QT10570 and its model number is WYT-S1.75C.

Its size is 400*90*5mm.

What are Elevator Sheaves?

Elevator sheaves are the pulleys that hold the elevator wires in traction elevators. These produce the traction, and hence the lifting motion, of the elevator. The efficiency and safety of the elevator are compromised as a result of the rope-holding sheaves’ worn grooves from repeated use. The grooves on elevator sheaves must precisely fit the ropes for the cables to have an adequate grip to function correctly and safely.

Role of the Sheave

The ropes are coiled around a sheave and fastened to the elevator car. A sheave is just a pulley with grooves all the way around. The sheave grips the hoist ropes, so when the sheave is rotated, the ropes also move. An electric motor is linked to the sheave. The sheave elevates the elevator when the motor rotates in one direction; it lowers the elevator when the motor rotates in the opposite direction.

In gearless elevators , the motor directly rotates the sheaves. Geared elevators use an engine to rotate the sheave through a gear train. Sheave, motor, and control systems are frequently integrated into a machine room above the elevator shaft.

To lessen the strain on the ropes and sheaves of the elevator, rope tension should be evenly distributed among all ropes. You can make sure the tension is adjusted and the grooves still properly fit the cables by having the sheaves in your elevator inspected regularly. Your sheaves should be checked at least once a year. Any considerable or uneven sheave wear could be an indication of other problems your elevator is having and result in unsafe operation. Your elevator specialist will advise replacing your elevator sheave rather than regrooving it.

A-fly is a global professional manufacturer of elevators and escalators spare parts. We are dedicated to product quality and thoughtful customer service. Our staff is always available to discuss your requirements. We provide 24/7 support. We provide free consultations and professional solutions. Our rates are 25% below the market’s rates. To have your sheaves inspected or maintained by experienced and professional elevator technicians, contact A-fly Elevator today!

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