Wholesale Escalator Magnetic Brake Motor

Product Name Elevator Brake
AF-ID NO. AF-QT00141
Model NO. ZDQ52
Delivery Time 3-7 Working Days
Delivery DHL,TNT,FedEx,Air,Sea
Payment T/T,Western Union,Paypal


Wholesale Escalator Magnetic Brake Motor

TB-600N-100VDC DMB500-1500A Escalator Brake Magnet

LHP050001 V2.7 Escalator Brake 50668524 Use For 9300 9500 9700
HXZD-800B/25-T2 Escalator Brake Magnet AC220V 800N

10DW163 51912106 Escalator Brake Magnet
10DW140 51912105 Escalator Brake Magnet
11E 296731 Escalator Brake Magnet
11D 49980622 Escalator Brake Magnet
MBS54-10 147555 9300 Escalator Brake Magnet

SP95N2500-3 Brake Magnet DC200V 2500N 2.5A DC80V 1.0A
DL 35 Escalator Brake AC220
G0222P1506NCE Escalator Brake Magnet AC 220V
DAA330AF1 Escalator Holding Brake UF330B1

Escalator Brake GOA330AD1/45N,41 90309A00
Escalator Brake Coil CSA00c021A ASC00c021A
GSD136 GSD136A Escalator Brake
DIN-VDE0580 OMS EC-H3 O21 600n LED0980056 Escalator Brake

GSD100A1 Escalator Brake 1701723800
DMB-D6/4200 Escalator Brake
506/510 Escalator Brake GO222P1
DAA234J1 Escalator Brake680N

GSD100K CSA00C476A Escalator Brake680N
O21 Escalator Magnetic Brake 720N
GSD95 GSD100 GSD140 LG SIGMA Escalator Brake Magent
BRA1000 BRA800-II BRA1000-II Escalator Brake

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