Escalator Parts Aluminum Alloy Comb Plate

Product Name Escalator Comb Plate
AF-ID No. AF-OT80510
Model No. SR4090150000
Size(mm) 204x185x24T
Delivery Time 3~5 Working Days
Delivery DHL,TNT,FedEx,Air,Sea
Payment T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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Escalator /Moving Walkway Autowalk /Travelator Comb Plate

how to measure escalator comb plate

Photo AF-ID No. Model No. Size(mm) Product Name
AF-OT80510A GAA453BM1/ XAA453CD1 203*140*24T GAA453BM1/ XAA453CD1 Escalator Comb Plate Middle Side
AF-OT80510D GAA453BM3/ XAA453CD3 206*140*24T GAA453BM3/ XAA453CD3 Escalator Comb Plate Right Side
AF-OT80510E GAA453BM7/GAA453BM7/ XAA453CD7 198*140*23T GAA453BM7/GAA453BM7/ XAA453CD7  Escalator Comb Plate Left Side
AF-OT80507C/OT80510C XAA453CD6 Replace GAA453BM6 197*139*23T XAA453CD6 GAA453BM6 Escalator Comb Plate Left Side
AF-OT80507B/AF-OT80510B XAA453CD5 Replace GAA453BM5 203*139*24T XAA453CD5 GAA453BM5 Escalator Comb Plate Right Side
AF-OT80507A/AF-OT80507A XAA453CD1/GAA453BM1








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