Elevator Lift Components IGBT Power Module

Product Name Elevator IGBT Module
Type Elevator Spare Parts
Place Of Origin Guangdong,China
Delivery Time 3-5 Working Days
Delivery DHL,TNT,FedEx,Air,Sea
Payment T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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A Series IGBT Module: CM100DY-24A, CM200DY-24A, CM150DY-24A, CM300DY-24A, CM400DY-24A, CM600DY-24A, CM150DY-34A

NF Series IGBT Module: CM150DY-12NF, CM200DY-12NF, CM300DY-12NF, CM400DY-12NF, CM600DY-12NF

CM100DY-24NF, CM150DY-24NF, CM200DY-24NF, CM300DY-24NF, CM400DY-24NF, CM150RL-24NF, CM100RL-4NF, CM50TL-24NF, CM600DY-12NF, CM900DU-24NF

H series IGBT Module: CM100DY-12H, CM75DY-24H, CM100DY-24H, CM200DY-24H, CM300DY-24H, CM300DU-24H, CM150DU-4NFH

PS Series Single Tube IGBT Module: PS21564-P, PS219A5-ASTX, PS219A4-ASTX, PS21865-AP, PS21867-AP, PS21869-AP, PS21765, PS21767, PS22A74, PS22053, PS22054, PS21267-AP. PS21563-P

IPM Series IGBT Module: PM300RL1A060, PM20CSJ060, PM30CSJ060, PM50RL1A120, PM75RL1A120, PM100RL1A120, PM150RL1A120, PM100CL1A120, PM150CL1A120, PM25RLA120. pm30ctj060-3, pm50cla060, pm100rlb060, pm300cla120, pm200rl1a060, pm75cl1a120, pm25cl1a120, pm25rl1a120, pm150rl1a060

IPM inverter module for elevator:

pm150rl1a060,pm150rl1a120,pm150rl1b060,pm150rla060,pm150rla120,pm150rsd060,pm150rsd120,pm150rse060,pm150rse120,pm200cl1a060, pm200cla060,pm200cla120,pm200cs1d060,pm200csd060,pm200cse060,pm200cva060,pm200dv1a120,pm200dva120,pm200rl1a060,pm200rla060. PM200RSD060,PM200RSE060,PM25CL1A120,PM25CL1B120,PM25CLA120,PM25CLB120,PM25CS1D120,PM25RL1A120,PM25RL1B120,PM300CL1A060,PM300CLA060

Driver Circuit: M57962L, M57962AL, M57959L, M57962L-01R, M57962AL-01R, M57959L-01R

Photo AF-ID No. Model No. Photo AF-ID No. Model No.
AF-MI11236C FX3U-1PG AF-MI11236B FX2N-1PG
AF-MI11236A FX2N-32CCL AF-MI10508 CM100DY-12H
X45RM-04X45RM-04 Elevator IGBT Module AF-MI10322B X45RM-04


CM100DY-24H Elevator IGBT Module AF-MI10080 CM100DY-24H

100A 1200V

CM300DY-12H AF-MI10076 CM300DY-12H AF-MI10075 PM75RSA060
AF-MI10073 MCC56-12i01B AF-M482 PM20CSJ060
AF-M431 MSD130-16 AF-M404 QM600HA-24
1MBI300-120 Elevator IGBT Module AF-M392 1MBI300-120 AF-M390 CM200E3U-12H
AF-M378 PM75CL1B120 AF-M277 QM150DY-24
AF-M265 PM100CVA120 AF-M216 PM50CL1B120
AF-M213 PM50RLA120


AF-M212 CM200DY-24A
AF-M210 CM300HA-24H AF-M207 QM50E1Y-H
AF-M202 CM150E3Y-24E AF-M156 RM60DZ-H
AF-M151 RM100DZ-H AF-M138 QM300HA-2H
AF-M133 QM200DY-H AF-M131 QM200HH-H
AF-M130 QM150DY-2H AF-M117 PM75RSE120
PM75RLA120 AF-M116 PM75RLA120 AF-M112 PM300DSA120
PM200RSE060 AF-M110 PM200RSE060 AF-M108 PM200CLA120
AF-M107 PM150RSE120


PM150RSE060 Elevator TGBT Module 107*86*23mm AF-M106 PM150RSE060
PM150RSA060 AF-M105 PM150RSA060 AF-M104 PM150RLA120


PM150CVA120 AF-M103 PM150CVA120 AF-M101 PM100RSE120


AF-M100 PM100RSE060 AF-M099 PM100RLA120
AF-M083 MG100Q2YS42 AF-M060 CM75E3Y-24H
AF-M059 CM75E3Y-24E AF-M058 CM75E3U-24H
AF-M057 CM75DY-24H AF-M055 CM600HA-24H
AF-M053 CM50E3Y-24E AF-M052 CM50DY-24H
AF-M051 CM400HA-24H AF-M050 CM400DY-24NF
AF-M049 CM400DY-12NF AF-M048 CM400DY-12H
AF-M047 CM300E3U-12H AF-M046 CM300DY-24NF
AF-M045 CM300DY-24H AF-M044 CM300DY-24A
AF-M043 CM300DY-12NF AF-M042 CM300DY-12
AF-M041 CM20MD-12H AF-M039 CM200DY-24NF
AF-M038 CM200DY-24H AF-M037 CM200DY-12NF
AF-M035 CM150E3Y-12E AF-M033 CM150E3U-12H
AF-M032 CM150DY-24NF AF-M031 CM150DY-24H
AF-M030A CM150DY-12 AF-M029 CM100E3Y-24E
AF-M028 CM100E3U-24H AF-M027 CM100DY-24NF
AF-M0105 CM50E3U-24H AF-M124A PT76S16

Model  &  Specification Parameter:

PM20CSJ060 20A/600V
PM30CSJ060 30A/600V

PM50RL1A120 50A/1200V

PM75RL1A120 75A/1200V

PM100RL1A120 100A/1200V

PM150RL1A120 150A/1200V

PM150RL1A060 150A/600V

PM100RLA120 100A/1200V

PM150RLA120 150A/1200V

PM100CL1A120 100A/1200V
PM150CL1A120 150A/1200V
PM25RLA120 25A/1200V

PM30CTJ060-3 30A/600V

PM50CLA060 50A/600V

PM100RLB060 100A/600V
PM300CLA120 300A/1200V

PM200RL1A060 200A/600V

PM75CL1A120 75A/1200V

PM25CL1A120 25A/1200V

PM25RL1A120 25A/1200V

CM100DY-24A 100A/1200V
CM150DY-24A 150A/1200V

CM200DY-24A 200A/1200V

CM300DY-24A 300A/1200V

CM400DY-24A 400A/1200V

CM600DY-24A 600A/1200V

CM50MX-24A 50A/1200V

CM300DX-12A 300A/600V

CM150DY-34A 150A/1700V

CM150DY-12NF 150A/600V

CM200DY-12NF 200A/600V

CM300DY-12NF 300A/600V
CM400DY-12NF 400A/600V

CM100DY-24NF 100A/1200V

CM150DY-24NF 150A/1200V

CM200DY-24NF 200A/1200V

CM300DY-24NF 300A/1200V

CM400DY-24NF 400A/1200V

CM600DY-12NF 600A/1200V

CM150RL-24NF 150A/1200V

CM100RL-24NF 100A/1200V

CM50TL-24NF 50A/1200V
CM600DY-12NF 600A/600V

CM900DU-24NF 900A/1200V

CM100DY-12H 100A/600V

CM75DY-24H 75A/1200V

CM100DY-24H 100A/1200V

CM200DY-24H 200A/1200V 两

CM300DY-24H 300A/1200V

CM300DU-24H 300A/1200V

CM150DU-24NFH 150A/1200V

PS21564-P 15A/600V


PS219A4-ASTX 15A/600V

PS21865-AP 20A/600V

PS21867-AP 30A/600V

PS21869-AP 50A/600V

PS21765 20A/600V

PS21767 30A/600V

PS21265-AP 20A/600

PS22A73 10A/1200V

PS22A74 15A/1200V

PS22053 10A/1200V

PS22054 15A/1200V

PS21267-AP 30A/600V

PS21563-P 10A/600V


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