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Door Operator Accessories List

The elevator door operator is an important part of the elevator system and usually includes multiple accessories.

The following table lists the door machine operator that may be included in the table:

1.Door Vane Module

2.Door Rollers、Belt Pulley、Nylon Pulley

3.Car Door Switch、Contact Switch

4.Belt、Plastic Drag Chain、Linkage Wire Rope Module

5.Car Door Slide、Special Nut & Bolt

6.Car Top Installation brackets、Fixing Pipe、 Installation Arm Module、Side Bracket For Installation、Big Pull Hook、Small Pull Hook、Straight Tie-Rod Module、Long Tie-Rod Module

Answers to questions people asking about

1.What is the function of the elevator door?

Answer:In the elevator door system, the landing door and the car door are both important safety protection facilities for the elevator to prevent people and objects from falling into the shaft or from collision between passengers and objects in the car and the shaft.

2.What is an elevator door operator?

Answer:The elevator door operator is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the elevator hall car door. When it receives the elevator opening and closing signals, the elevator door machine controls the door opening motor through its own control system, converting the torque generated by the motor into a specific direction. force to close or open the door. When the force that prevents the door from closing is greater than 150N, the door operator automatically stops closing the door and opens the door in reverse direction, which provides a certain degree of door closing protection.

3.What do you call an elevator door?

Answer:The door on the inner layer is installed on the car and is generally called the car door. The mechanical device for opening and closing the door is installed on the top of the car to drive the car door, and is called a door operator. The outer door is installed at the entrance of the elevator shaft on each floor and is generally called a landing door (or hall door). Its opening and closing is driven by the car door through a door knife.

4.Are you an elevator door operator manufacturers ?

Answer:Yes, we are an elevator manufacturer and also an elevator wholesaler. You are welcome to purchase customized products from us.

5.How much does an elevator door operator price?

Answer:If you want to buy our door operator and need to know the price, you can send us an email directly at or call our company directly at +86-20-34379130. Our company’s business hours are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm , welcome your call.


AF-OMJ09X.2 Elevator Lift Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function AF-OMS102 Elevtor Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function AF-OMS106 Elevator Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function AF-D227002 Elevator Cabin Door Hanger Pulley AF-D227005 Elevator Guide Wheel
(With door lock function) Door Vane Module (With door lock function) Door Vane Module (With door lock function) Door Vane Module Φ72 Pulley Guide Wheei
AF-OMJ09X.2 AF-OMS102 AF-OMS106 AF-D227002 AF-D227005
AF-A1055C131 Elevator Car Door Switch AF-M5000047 Elevator Contact Switch AF-OMJ09X.1.7-1 Elevator Belt Pulley AF-OMJ11.1.2 Elevator Driven Wheel Module AF-HTD-5M Elevator Door Operator Belt Width 15MM
131Car Door Switch Contact Switch Belt Pulley Synchronous Belt Drive Wheel /Driven Wheel Module Belt
AF-A1055C131 AF-M5000047 AF-OMJ09X.1.7-1 AF-OMJ11.1.2 AF-HTD-5M
AF-∅54 Elevator Door Operator Nylon Pulley AF-A1027A300.2B Elevtor Car Door Slider Shoe AF-A1027A300.3 Elevator Door Operator Special Nut & Bolt AF-OMJ-106 Elevator Door Operator Plastic Drag Chain AF-A1027BL401A Elevtor Pulley Module
Nylon Pulley Car Door Slide Special Nut & Bolt Plastic Drag Chain Pulley Module
AF-∅54 AF-A1027A300.2B AF-A1027A300.3 AF-OMJ-106 AF-A1027BL401A
AF-M1002042 Elevator Car Top Installation Brackets AF-OMJ01-03 Elevator Fixing Pipe For Car Top Installation AF-M2001001 Elevator Installation Arm Module AF-OMJ01.7 Elevator Door Operator Side Bracket For Installation AF-OMJ01.26 Elevator Big pull hook
Car Top Installation brackets Fixing Pipe Installation Arm Module Side Bracket For Installation Big Pull Hook
AF-M1002042 AF-OMJ01-03 AF-M2001001 AF-OMJ01.7 AF-OMJ01.26
AF-OMJ01.32 Elevator Small Pull Hook AF-M1002015 Elevator Straight Tie-Rod Module AF-M1002012Elevator Long Tie-Rod Module AF-M5000017 Elevator Linkage Wire Rope Module AF-M5000015 Elevator Short Linkage Board Module
Small Pull Hook Straight Tie-Rod Module Long Tie-Rod Module Linkage Wire Rope Module Short Linkage Board Module
AF-OMJ01.32 AF-M1002015 AF-M1002012 AF-M5000017 AF-M5000015
AF-OMJ11.1-9 Elevator Belt Tensioner AF-M5020008 Elevator Linkage Board Module AF-OMS100 Elevator Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function AF-YBP90-6Y5 Elevator Lift Inverter Asynchronous Motor AF-OMJ06X.1.8 Elevator Linkage Wire Rope Module
 Belt Tensioner Linkage Board Module Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function Inverter Asynchronous Motor Linkage Wire Rope Module
AF-OMJ11.1-9 AF-M5020008 AF-OMS100 AF-YBP90-6Y5 AF-OMJ06X.1.8
AF-DS131 Elevator Door Operator Car Door Switch AF-OMJ02X.1-2 Elevator Door Operator Lifting Arm AF-M202003401 Elevator Door Closing Force Limiter Device AF-OMJ05X.1.5 Elevator Driven Wire Rope Module
Door Operator Car Door Switch  Door Operator Lifting Arm Door Closing Force Limiter Device Three-phase Motor (Asynchronous) Driven Wire Rope Module
AF-DS131 AF-OMJ02X.1-2 AF-M202003401 AF-YVP90-6 AF-OMJ05X.1.5
AF-OMJ05AX.1.5 Elevator Door Operator Contact Block Module AF-∅68 Elevator Steel Pulley AF-M1022006 Elevator Car Front-Wall Installation Brackets AF-OMS110 Elevator Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function AF-M1000007 Left Door Hanger Module
Door Operator Contact Block Module Steel Pulley Car Front-Wall Installation Brackets Door Vane Module With Door Lock Function Left Door Hanger Module
AF-OMJ05AX.1.5 AF-∅68 AF-M1022006 AF-OMS110  AF-M1000007
AF-M1000018 Elevator Right Door Hanger Module AF-OMJ09X.1.7-2 Elevator Synchronous Belt Drive Wheel Module AF-OMJ01.15 Elevator Bistable Switch AF-M5000018 Elevator Driven Wheel Module AF-OMJ06X.1.7 Elevator Driven Wheel Module
Right Door Hanger Module Elevator Synchronous Belt Drive Wheel Module Bistable Switch  Driven Wheel Module Driven Wheel Module
AF-M1000018 AF-OMJ09X.1.7-2 AF-OMJ01.15 AF-M5000018 AF-OMJ06X.1.7
AF-YCT133-3.8 Elevator Permanent Magnet Synchronous Door Motor AF-OMJ01.8.1B Elevator Door Operator Belt Pulley AF-OMJ01.15 Elevator Bistable Switch AF-OMJ01.8B-1 Elevator Door Operator Synchronous Belt Drive Wheel Module AF-OMJ01.28B Elevator Door Operator Linkage Module
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Door Motor Door Operator Belt Pulley Bistable Switch Door Operator Synchronous Belt Drive Wheel Module Door Operator Linkage Module
AF-YCT133-3.8 AF-OMJ01.8.1B AF-OMJ01.15 AF-OMJ01.8B-1 AF-OMJ01.28B

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