Elevator 13VTR Geared Traction Machine Speed Gearbox Reducer

Product Name Elevator Traction Machine Speed Reducer
Type Elevator Spare Parts
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Suitable for T-S/VF3200 Elevator
AF-ID No. AF-OT80043
Model No. 13VTR
Delivery Time 3-5 Working Weeks
Delivery DHL,TNT,FedEx,Air,Sea
Payment T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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13VTR  Elevator Geared Traction Machine

13VTR elevator traction machine is composed of an electric motor, brake, reduction gearbox. It is a driving device that uses the friction between the traction machine and steel wire rope to achieve the up and down movement of the elevator car

Suitable for various types of variable frequency speed elevator (load capacity 600-1150kg & speed of 1-1.75m/s,)

Load: 600KG~1150KG
Traction Wheel:575MM、620MM、640MM、700MM
Rotation speed:1100~1460R/P
Power: 8.5KW~15KW
Motor: TAA422F5, TAA422G5, TBA422H1, TBA422H2
Brake: DC125V


13VTR elevator traction machine parts

Elevator Specs Reducer Brake Voltage Motor
Roping Load(kg) Speed(m/s) Traction Sheave(mm) Gear Ratio Model No. Power Speed (r/min) Per Hour
600-1150 1-1.75 700mm 13:2 DC125V TAA422F5 11kw 1100-1460 180/240
640mm 3:1 TAA422G5 14kw
620mm 22:1 TAA422H1 8.5kw
575mm 38:1 TAA422H2 15kw
Photo AF-ID Modle No. Name
13VTR T-S/VF3200 elevator geared traction machine AF-OT80232D 13VTR traction  machine
13VTR elevator gearbox AF-OT80043 13VTR Gearbox
DAA330E1/DAA330E2/TAB330AJ2 elevator brake 13VTR AF-OT80062 DAA330E1/DAA330E2/TAB330AJ2 elevator brake
13VTR elevator traction sheave AF-OT80139 13VTR elevtaor traction sheave
TOC5048B1 13VTR elevator brake pad AF-OT80659A 13VTR / TOC5048B1 elevator brake pad
SBH-1024-2T elevator 13VTR encoder EEC00149 SBH-1024-2T 13VTR elevator encoder




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