380 V ~ 480 V WISE310 Escalator Frequency Controller Drive Inverter 3.7kW-30KW

Product Name Elevator Inverter
Type Elevator Spare Parts
Model NO. WISE310
Delivery Time 4~6Working days
Delivery DHL,TNT,FedEx,Air,Sea
Payment T/T,Western Union,Paypal

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Item Rated Voltage
Input Power Supply Phase, Voltage, Frequency Three -Phase AC 380 V ~ 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Allow Voltage Fluctuations 3.7kW-30KW Model: -15%~ ± 15%37kW-90KW Model: -15%~ ± 10%
Allow Frequency Changes -5% ~ +5%
Basic Characteristic Running Frequency V/F Control: 0.00 ~ 99.00 Hz
Carrier Frequency 2KHz ~ 10KHz, The Factory Default Setting 6kHz Can Automatically Adjust The Load Frequency According To The Load Characteristics,
Input Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Control Method V/f Control
Start Torque 150% /3Hz
Speed Regulation 50:1(V/F)
Stable Accuracy 1%(V/F)
Plus And Slowing Curve The Straight -Line Acceleration Method; Two Sets Of Deceleration Time, The Deceleration Time Range Of 0.0 ~ 60.0s
Multi -Speed Operation Realize Up To 8 -Stage Speed Through Control Terminals
Automatic Voltage Adjustment (AVR) When The Power Grid Voltage Changes, It Can Automatically Keep The Output Voltage Constant
Overlapping Stall Control Automatic Restrictions On Voltage During Operation To Prevent Frequent Overplaying
Quick Current Limit Function Maximize The Overcurrent Failure, Protect The Frequency Converter Normally Running
Torque Limited And Control Automatic Restrictions On The Torque During Operation To Prevent Frequent Streaming
Personalized Function Stop During The Instantaneous Power Outages, The Energy Compensation Voltage Is Reduced Through The Load, And The Inverter Continues To Tun In A Sshort Period Of Time
Speed Tracking The Motor Is Free Of Harmony, The Speed Tracking Time Is Less Than 600ms
Power Grid Synchronization Function 3.7kW ~ 30KW Support, Including More Than 37kW Power Customization
Powerful Background Software Support Inverter Parameter Operation And Virtual Oscilloscope Function

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