Old Lift Modernization


1、 Preliminary preparation work

1. Contact the elevator company: If you decide to replace the elevator, the first step is to contact the elevator company for consultation. The elevator company will arrange a technician to conduct a preliminary inspection and provide a quotation plan.

2. Evaluation of old elevators: Elevator company technicians conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the old elevators, including equipment condition, usage, adaptability, safety, and other aspects.

3. Develop a replacement plan: Based on the evaluation results, develop an elevator replacement plan, including replacement time, required funds, replacement elevator type, etc.

4. Application for relevant procedures: Before starting to replace the elevator, relevant procedures need to be completed, such as applying for an engineering construction permit, environmental approval, safety acceptance, etc.

2、 Demolition of old elevators

1. Stopping the elevator: Before dismantling the old elevator, the elevator must be stopped first. During this period, clear signs and warning signs need to be set up, and dedicated personnel should be arranged to be responsible for on-site management.

2. Dismantling the elevator shell: Elevator company technicians will dismantle the old elevator shell, including elevator doors, car doors, corridor doors, etc.

3. Demolition of old car: The old car needs to be demolished and transported to the recycling station for disposal, with the aim of laying a new car.

4. Demolition of the old track system: Before dismantling the old track system, the old wheel axles need to be removed and the track system needs to be dismantled.

5. Dismantling the old counterweight system: Before dismantling the old counterweight system, it is necessary to remove and record the old counterweight blocks one by one, in order to adjust the balance of the car again.

6. Clean the elevator shaft after demolition: After demolition, it is necessary to clean the garbage and foreign objects in the elevator shaft to make it clean and refreshing.

3、 Install a new elevator

1. Install a new counterweight system: Before installing the new counterweight system, it is necessary to make accurate car balance adjustments to ensure that the car can rise and fall smoothly.

2. Install new track system: The new track system needs to be accurately installed to ensure smooth operation of the elevator.

3. Fixed new car: After the new car is combined with the track system, it needs to be fixed one by one to ensure no looseness.

4. Installing a new motor, commutator, and control system: Before installing a new motor, commutator, and control system, various settings and calibrations need to be carried out.

5. Install door operator and door edge protector: Doors and door edge protectors are important parts of elevators and require special attention to installation and debugging to ensure safety.

6. Testing elevator operation: After installation is completed, a comprehensive elevator operation test is required to ensure installation quality and performance.

4、 Acceptance and subsequent maintenance

1. Safety acceptance: The final step in replacing an elevator is safety acceptance. During the acceptance process, various safety factors need to be fully considered, including equipment reliability, reporting system, operating procedures, etc.

2. Put into use: After passing the acceptance inspection, the new elevator is officially put into use, providing efficient, safe, and comfortable services.

3. Subsequent maintenance: To ensure the normal operation of the elevator, regular maintenance and upkeep work are required. This includes regular inspection of elevators, replacement of components, etc. to improve the service life and safety performance of the equipment.

Replacing the elevator is a complex task that requires professional personnel to be responsible for. Throughout the entire replacement process, safety is the most important aspect, and various safety factors need to be fully considered to ensure equipment reliability and safety performance.

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