Elevator Oil Cup

Elevator Oil Cup

The elevator oil cup is an automatic lubricating device installed on the guide shoe to lubricate the guide rail and guide shoe. The installation of

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elevator door vane door cam door knife door skate

Elevator Door Vane

Elevator door vane is the open and close device of the landing door. As the core part of the mechanical structure for the elevator door operator,

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All About Elevator Traction Sheave

Elevator’s safety and effectiveness depend on regular inspections and maintenance. Sheaves are one of the most essential parts of traction elevators. Elevator sheaves must undergo

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escalator handrail

Common Problems Of Escalator Handrail

1.The escalator handrail is heated during running. It is usually caused by the following reasons: (1) The tension of the handrail is too tight or loose, and the guide strip is biased. (2)The interface of the handrail guide device is not

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Elevator Emergency Intercom System

An elevator or lift is a cable-assisted or hydraulic cylinder-assisted machine that vertically transports people or freight between floors. They are typically powered by electric

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elevator lifts steel wire rope

Elevator Steel Wire Rope

According to the using, the elevator  steel wire ropes can be divided into traction machine steel wire rope; overspeed governor steep wire rope and  elevator door machines steel wire ropes.

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